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2014 Masters Challenge Standings

Congrats to everyone in this year's masters challenge. Because of the lack of races, we decided to drop the minimum number of races down to 3 for this year. In an effort to keep things fair to the truly motivated racers out there who were able to get in 4 races, the final results within age groups will still be based on you 4 race total.

Please review your results and let me know asap if you find any scoring issues.

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer and we'll see you back out on the snow next year.

For the 2013/2014 season racers must complete a minimum of 5 races to qualify.This is the race series to see how you stack up competitively against your age group peers.

The rules: Age groups will be divided every 5 years, racers need to compete in 5 of the master’s challenge races and the scoring rules will be identical to last year (5 for 1st place, 4 for 2nd, etc,  total score is based on your BEST five races). In addition to masters age categories, senior age skiers will have their own age group (20-29).  Skiers must compete in one classic race to be eligible for awards and must have a racing or supporting membership. In the case of any ties, your score in your 6th best race will be used as a tie breaker (if it’s still tied, we’ll move to the 7th race, 8th race, etc). The Masters Challenge will recognize the top THREE skiers in each age category with awards with a special award for first place in your age category.

Deadline: You must be a racing or supporting member and have either done 1 race or let me know that you want to participate by 1/15/2014.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback.  It’s YOUR race series and we want to make your racing membership as rewarding as possible. For more information, contact Andy Pasternak.

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2013-2014 Masters Challenge Qualifying Races
R1 December 22, 2013 Snowshoe Thompson Auburn Ski Club
R2 January 5, 2014 Paco's Freestyle Auburn Ski Club
R3 January 20, 2014 Skogsloppet Tahoe Donner XC
R4 January 26, 2014 Alpenglow 20K Freestyle Tahoe XC
R5 February 2, 2014 Allan Bard Memorial Classic Tamarack Lodge XC
R6 February 17, 2014 President's Cup Auburn Ski Club
R7 March 2, 2014 The Great Ski Race Tahoe XC to Truckee
R8 March 16, 2014 Gold Rush (M1-M6), Gold or Silver Rush (M7-10, W1-10)
Bronze Rush (M9-10, W9-10)
Royal Gorge XC
R9 March 30, 2014 Tahoe Rim Race 30K (Classic and Skate) Tahoe XC to Northstar
R10 April 6, 2014 Mammoth Marathon 42K (M1-8, W1-8) 21K (M9-10, W7-10)* Tamarack Lodge XC
* W7 and W8 may ski either the Mammoth Marathon or half marathon. Each race will be scored separately.


5-year age classes
Seniors 20-29
Master M/W 1 30-34
Master M/W 2 35-39
Master M/W 3 40-44
Master M/W 4 45-49
Master M/W 5 50-54
Master M/W 6 55-59
Master M/W 7 60-64
Master M/W 8 65-69
Master M/W 9 70-74
Master M/W 10 75+