Far West coaching criteria is divided into 4 catergories: Volunteer, Level 1, 2, and 3 with Level 3 being our "highest" level.
**Each candidate must possess a minimum of 3 of the criteria for the Level applicable.
**All coach and volunteer candidates must be fingerprinted and/or pass a certified background check; ie., a USSA Coaches license.

FW Volunteer Coaches must:
1) have a willingness to Learn, Help, and Support the trip/camp staff
2) have documented fingerprinting and/or USSA license

FW Level 1 Coaches must:
1) have experience coaching/assisting a Far West camp/trip.
2) be a coach of a divisional program, club, and/or school team
3) be a PSIA Level 1 or Level 2 Track Instructor
4) have 1-3 years of coaching experience especially national or international
5) possess a basic knowledge of kick and glide wax and be willing to learn more

FW Level 2 Coaches must:
1) have led a USSA Supertour trip, SoHo Super JNQ, or other Regional camp/trip for FW
2) be, or have been, the Head Coach of a divisional program, club, and/or school team
3) be a USSA Level 100 Coach
4) be, or have been, a USCSA or NCAA collegiate skier at an accredited institution
5) possess a minimum of PSIA Level 2 Track Instructor cert
6) have 3-6 years of coaching experience including national and international
7) have intermediate to advanced knowledge of, and skill applying, kick and glide wax

FW Level 3 Coaches must:
1) have led US Nationals, Junior Nationals, NCAA, USST Scandi Cup or World Juniors, etc., for FW, or assisted/led a OPA Cup, World Cup, or Olympic trip for USST.
2) be USSA Level 200 Coach
3) possess a PSIA Level 3 Track Instructor or Examiner card
4) have Senior racing experience nationally and internationally
5) have minimum of 7 years coaching FW camps and trips
6) possess a high level and mastery of kick and glide wax application