Yosemite Nordic Holiday Races Canceled

It is with a sad heart that I write, but I am sure that you were wondering about our conditions anyway. We have decided to cancel our 2012 Nordic Holiday Ski Races.
Unfortunately, we are in the same condition as many of the ski areas in California, low on snow. At this point, we do have our trails open and the skiing is good where we have coverage, but there are more than a few spots along the Glacier Point Road where the asphalt is exposed. It is now necessary to remove your skis on the way to our Glacier Point Ski Hut.
In order to save the snow we do have, we have not been able to groom our trails for more than two weeks now. Our estimation is that we will need more than a foot of new snow in order to be able to run the machines out on the trails, without doing damage.
There is snow in the near forecast, but the optimistic guess is for up to 8 inches over the next couple days, then sunny again through the weekend. In order to allow people to cancel their room reservations and readjust their plans, we felt compelled to make the call this weekend.
Thanks for racing with us in the past and we hope to see you again next year. We hope the conditions are better in your area.
Dave Bengston
Director, Yosemite Mountaineering School
(209) 372-8344