Winter Home Stay Needed for 2 Australian skiers

G’day mates! It is ‘olde’ coach Ben asking you all to consider supporting two skiers from Australia looking for a home-stay in Tahoe during their ‘summer’ break.

The dates would be apprx early December to end of January. The girls are 12 and 17 and come as a unit tho they are not related. Lola, aka “Master Yoda” is a super keen and lively skier, and her Austrian xchange student, Jackie, are hoping to come over to the US to learn funny words like banana and pineapple and teach you words like knackered and stuffed and sacked and lollies and… oh and they want to ski with you too.

If you can provide a comfortable home stay and transportation to ASC Devo practices, races, and/or other trainings, please contact Lola’s mom, Anne Timewell, directly- Her email is: anne@harmonioushorse.com.au

Your investment could be for all, or part of the time they are here if another family would also like to share the load, (they have tentative arrangements to secure lodging for the Christmas week if that time period is an issue for your family). 

I know it may seem early to you all to be thinking of this, but planes and schedules and finances need to be addressed for the family on this end so please look into your calendars and hearts and see if these girls would fit in. 

I can personally vouch for both of them and feel that you and your family would find them very easy to get along with. And, who knows; they may return the favor one day! Australia is a pretty sweet place!…

So please let Anne know as soon as possible if you are willing to host her daughter Lola and Jackie.

PS They are also into horses and horseback riding and “Master Yoda” uses the ‘force’ to levitate during ski races…

May the Force be With You, 
Master Ben Kanobi