Winter Film Series – Farm Team Benefit

donny-roth-film-seriesMarch 14, 2013 7pm
Olympic Village Lodge

Donny Roth has spent nine years searching remote corners of Chile looking for the perfect southern hemisphere backcountry skiing location. 2012 brought below average snowfall thus creating a last-second change of plans as two friends come down from the U.S. Pulling together some unusual resources, three men head into the cordillera, where very few people have traveled in the winter. For a week, the team explores unique terrain, is blown away by incredible sunsets and condors flying overhead, and makes first descents everyday. As amazing as the trip was, the story has just begun. Is this the future of backcountry skiing in South America?

Doors open at 7pm for the Alpenglow Film Series.

This event will benefit the Far West Nordic Farm Team

The show is free. There will be over 4k of raffle prizes to giveaway. 100% of proceeds benefit the team.