Snowshoe Thompson 2010 Matt Gelso


2011 USSA Distance National Championships 50k/30k & USSA SuperTour Finals
Sun Valley, Idaho
March 26-April 2

Farm Team racers Chelsea Holmes and Matt Gelso are representing Far West Nordic this week in Sun Valley, Idaho for the 2011 USSA  National Championships followed by the 4 race USSA SuperTour Finals
On Sunday, March 27th Chelsea Holmes was 8th in the Women’s 30k Classic with a time of 1:36:21.4

USSA SuperTour Finals Races:  
Tuesday, March 29 SuperTour Finals Prologue Freestyle: Chelsea Holmes 16th in the women’s 2.8k race; Matt Gelso 12th in the men’s 3.3k race
Wednesday, March 30 SuperTour Finals Men’s 15k and Women’s 10k Classic: Chelsea Holmes 7th with a time of 31:50.7, (+1:08.9); Matt Gelso 8th at 41:48.9 (+49.21).

Current Overall Standings with 2 races left to go: Chelsea Holmes 16th (1:08 back) and Matt Gelso 12th (:37 back)

There are 2 races remaining.  Friday, April 1, are the Classic Sprints and Saturday, April 2 is the final Hill Climb Freestyle which goes up Sun Valley’s Dollar Mountain.

Saturday April 2, 2011
Chelsea Holmes took 3rd in the final race of the USSA SuperTour Finals, the Hill Climb. Chelsea skied the challenging 4km in 15:36.4, just 32 seconds back from the winner, Kikkan Randall. Chelsea was 7th Overall for the USSA SuperTour finals.

Matt Gelso was 20th in the men’s Hill Climb and 13th overall for the SuperTour finals.

Way to go Farm Team!