Silver Sage Center Pursuit

asc-sst-2012_watson-c1The 1st race of the Silver Sage Center Pursuit was Sunday’s Snowshoe Thompson Classic. A cold morning made for great classic conditions for the 120 racers. Callum Watson won the men’s 10k with a time of 27:51.2, Austin Meng took 2nd at 28:36.8, and Alex Hamilton was 3rd at 28:38.1. For the women, Beth Reid was 1st at 32:11.9, Farm Team racer Holly Whitney was 2nd at 34:31.0, and Beth Thomas was 3rd at 38:44.4. In the 5 kilometer race Annika Taylor was 1st overall at 15:16.6, Hannah Halvorsen was 2nd at 16:42.7 and Cassidy Cichowicz was 3rd at 16:55.3. For the men’s 5k Sam Zabel was 1st at 15:21.5, followed by Peter Carroll at 15:21.9, and Julien Bordes at 15:46.5.  The Snowshoe Thompson was 2nd Junior National Qualifier and the 1st Fischer Cup race of the season.

Snowshoe Thompson Classic Race Results
JNQ Results
Photos by MacBeth Graphics

The 2nd day of the Pursuit featured Paco’s Freestyle Race. 80 racers enjoyed another cold beautiful day, 57 of whom completed the Pursuit. Far West junior Cassidy Cichowicz won the women’s 10k in 29:01.2, followed by Beth Thomas at 30:36.0, and Cathy Howard at 31:57.8. Alex Taylor won the men’s 10k with a time of 24:20.4, Farm Team racer Noah Brautigam took second at 24:36.3, and Austin Meng was third at 25:17.6. Congrats to Austin Meng and Beth Thomas for their 10k Pursuit wins. Peter Carroll and Hannah Halvorsen won the Paco’s 5k race and the overall 5k Pursuit. Haydn Halvorsen and Kianna Mullings won the 2k races on both days and the 2k Pursuit.

Paco’s Freestyle and Silver Sage Center Pursuit Results
Photos by MacBeth Graphics