From the Sea of Cortez to the base of Diamond Peak

Well, it turns out that this was not a bad year to miss two weeks of “winter.” I spent the Christmas and New Year break in Baja California Sur, Mexico (Cabo, La Paz, Loreto, and Todos los Santos). As someone who grew up in Los Angeles, I am embarrassed to say that I had not traveled to Mexico in my life until now. Baja strikes me sort of like the Tahoe of Mexico. The cultural offerings are a little limited compared to other travel destinations, but the outdoor recreation more than makes up for it.

Thus I found myself running, biking, kayaking, and ski bounding around Mexico. My favorite spot was without a doubt Loreto. These two pictures show Loreto from the Sea of Cortez. My next trip (hopefully camping-based) is already bouncing around my head. Of course, to do it right, one needs to go in March or April when the whales are calving.

When I came back to Tahoe lots of people were skiing on snow but it was the man made kind and always at the base of an alpine resort. Such is the way of Nordies. Nothing can stop us! From the afternoon twilight training at Diamond Peak to the CNISSF opener race at Sugar Bowl’s Nob Hill run, it’s been really fun to see how dedicated the Nordic community is to the sport.

I am really excited about the upcoming weather forecast. Oddly, I am wondering how to plan the training for Incline High School with snow on the ground. Probably it will look similar to last year. I feel like I have the dryland training sort of laid out so I could just keep going on dryland for the rest of the season. But for racing puposes, it’s pretty clear that we need snow. Epic races like the Tahoe Rim Tour, Great Ski Race, and Billy Dutton Uphill will need snow to run. And it’s not a moment too soon. Kara’s point that we can always make the best of our conditions and continue training hard resonates with me. Huge swathes of “snow country” are without snow and no one can get off of competition by complaining about training conditions at the home area. Nearly everyone is coping with a poor year!