Snowing and Blowing in West Yellowstone

After a long drive on Saturday, we had a really pleasant day of skiing Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday we had the benefit of fresh snow everywhere all the time, overnight and throughout the day. Things were on the windy side. The trails are mostly well-sheltered. Double training sessions each and every day.

Wednesday we had one really gnarly day of cold weather with a high of -1°F. Then temperature dropped by about 10 degrees around lunchtime. Ouch. That doesn’t happen in California. That was our first day that we skied once instead of twice.

I signed up for the classic sprint race (1.5km Thursday) and the skate distance race (15km Friday). I picked these races reasoning that I need to improve at classic skiing and sprinting and that I would probably have my best shot at scoring good points in the skate race. I placed 71st in the classic race, which confirms that I need (a lot) more work in this area. I made a strong effort though and I can’t wait to skate it up tomorrow. Critically, my lungs feel good after racing in the cold weather today. See results for today’s classic sprint and skate sprint.

Sugar Bowl Academy’s Jeff Schloss noted that many of the other athletes suffered more frostbite in today’s race than Far West athletes, which is remarkable because we come from the warmest skiing region in the country. And everyone is healthy after 5 days of high-volume training and racing!

Coming up are the 10/15km skate race Friday and the 10/5km classic race Saturday. Results will be at Summit Timing.

Turkey Trot

With ski season coming soon (next week in West Yellowstone to be precise) I really need to kick my running habit. For a last hurrah I raced in the Auburn Ski Club’s Turkey Trot today. It’s a 7 mile roadrace around Donner Lake with just a few short hills in the first half of the race. I had fun with the race, and I was grateful to Jesse Regnier who pushed me for the entire race to run 39:14, a 5:36 mile pace. This compares favorably to a 10k Los Angeles roadrace I ran in August, where I ran a 5:37 pace. I ran a slightly longer race at a much higher altitide and came out faster than 3 months ago. Racing head-to head probably helped.

For the record, I finished second after Jesse, who put 30 seconds on me in about the last half mile. Oy vey.

Check out the event photos and results.