Farm Team contingent looking good after a dominant performance at the Tahoe City Cobblestone Sprints yesterday.



Spencer keeps it spicy even among fierce competition from Far West’s best.



Kikkan and Jesse know how to get it done too.



(the key is wearing neon.)


That’s my roommate!

Good to be back

The last several months, from Thanksgiving up through our latest adventures at US Nationals, have been a whirlwind.

I went from West Yellowstone to Bozeman

to Truckee

to Vail

to Pennsylvania

back to Truckee

and finally to Utah.

That is a lot of driving, flying, and sitting around and/or running around in airports when flight after flight was delayed. It was worth it though: I got to have Thanksgiving with these people, 

Christmas with these people

road trip with these people

hang out with this guy

and this girl

and race here

and here

and here.

Traveling will get ya though and it got me…about halfway through US Nationals I had to admit that the sneezing, coughing, snotting and “sexy voice” I had going on was more than just racer’s cough from the cold Utah air. Nationals only comes around once a year though, so I put my head down, raced, and hoped the training I put in this summer and fall would hold up against some of the fastest girls in the country.

Although I may not have had exactly the races I was looking for, I set some Nationals personal bests for myself with a 16th place finish in the 10k skate and a 15th place finish in the 20k classic. Thanks to rockin coaches Grassech, Martin, and August for skis and wisdom….and New Year’s entertainment.

And now….it’s good to be back in Truckee. Far West, far best.



Final Bozeman report….and back to Truckee

As Spencer predicted, the last race in Bozeman was twisty, turny, tough and totally fun. The rain and snow held off until later that afternoon, allowing talented waxing specialist Coach Grassech and guest wax tech/former Bobcat Tim Whiton to deliver us excellent skis. Unfortunately I ended up having my own spontaneous Summit Sunday in the start, when an APU girl in front of me tripped on a pole and went down in front of me with just enough time for my skis to go under her and me to fall directly on top of her. I then got out-summitted by the racer behind me, who ended up right on top of me. Luckily I had my game face on and was able to fight my way back up to 12th place, getting to race briefly with Em and Katrin in the process. Racing with teammates is always fun – as Mr. Filly Hamilton would say, “teamwork makes the dream work”. Kat and Emily proved his point by racing together to a solid 28th and 29th place, scoring SuperTour points in a stacked field. Spence and Patrick had a chance to work together for a while in the men’s race, racing among an equally if not even more stacked field. Patrick managed to beat some pretty speedy elite skiers and finish as the 9th junior. Spencer spicily topped his previous early season racing PR, setting himself up for success as the season continues.

A quick summary of the journey back… Roger and George made a new lady friend on the drive home, spicing up the Far West van dynamics. We decided to get in an extra strength workout en route…

Ben rediscovered the joys of Red Bull. and we rediscovered that 14 hours is too long to spend in a van no matter who you are with….

Last but not least…don’t forget to buy your ticket for the Cottonwood-hosted Far West Nordic Kickoff Party featuring speaker Grant Korgan on Sunday! http://farwestnordic.org/fwnsea/ai1ec_event/season-kick-off-party/?instance_id=#more-7699

best view in bozeman.


my life be like….

sprints tomorrow, gettin stoked.

I have many things to be thankful for this year (and a lot of catching up to do on blog posts). Mostly, I am thankful to be a professional ski racer, and here is why. first of all, when you’re a pro skier, you don’t have to wax your own skis. You never have to drive a van, but you do automatically get shotgun. You are held to the timeliness standards of a J2….in other words, pretty much none. Sometimes, you get free stuff. Best of all, you are actively encouraged to nap. And high school and college skiers wonder how you pull all of these things off. On that note, my bed is calling….happy Turkey Day, errybody.

pro skier life….Tahoe style


Driving East (to West): Road Trip Observations

California has snow. Nevada has rainbows. Idaho……is flat. And has windmills. This is what we have learned so far on our trek from Truckee to West Yellowstone. Other things we have learned: there are at least three female truck drivers between California and Idaho; I am a hipster; leftover brussels sprouts are surprisingly tasty (when saturated with bacon); and gravy baked into bread is a total success. Patrick and Spencer, through extensive experiementation, have learned that cows located on the left side of the road are less responsive to loud noises than cows who reside on the right side of the road (going east). We have also discovered that Martin can drop some smooth lyrics and that we were instructed to pack lunches (thank god for the brussels sprouts and gravy bread). Despite Martin’s lyric-dropping talents, he gets easily excited when looking for potato fields and may be likely to veer (nearly) off the road. We also did some field research in Twin Falls, Idaho, during which we discovered that there IS some level of diversity in Idaho, as well as a lot of thrift stores in a very small area. Idaho brings up many questions for us….for example, what does one do in Idaho? And more importantly, there is a place called Seagull Bay in Idaho….why? A final fact gained in a casino Starbucks in Elko, Nevada: Baja Fresh is not seafood.

Only four more hours to go…..