About Phillip Violett

2004 Graduate of Sugar Bowl Academy. Raced in 6 Junior National Championships (7 X All-American). 2003 represented the US Ski Team in the J1 Scandinavian Cup race series in Sweden. Spent the 2000 & 2004 summer’s training and racing at the Snow Farm in New Zealand. 2009 Graduate of Northern Michigan University. 2010 season competed as Senior member of Team Far West switching my focus from cross-country skiing racing to biathlon! During the 2011 season I focused only on biathlon, competing in 18 races with some respectable results. Currently, I’m racing for Auburn Ski Club and Far West Farm Team, focusing on the NorAm Biathlon race series attempting to qualify for the USBA team.

Tahoe Rim Tour!

Today was the amazing rescheduled Tahoe Rim Tour Race!  Surprisingly the striding conditions held up great!  Thank you to all the volunteers who made the event happen.  August finished first, Gud Second, Jordon Third, Me Fourth! We all had the really sticky kick wax on our feet and smiles on our faces. I’m going to wish I put sunscreen on my arms and face cause the sun was high in the sky.  Congratulations to everyone who participated in this great Far West fundraiser!  Next week is the Billy Dutton Uphill that is a Far West Fundraiser as well so show up and support!



US Biathlon Nationals- West Yellowstone, MT

Hello from West Yellowstone, Montana.  Sorry about the lack of bloging the last few months. Life kinda spun out of control.  Anyhow, do to lack of snow many of the races I planed to do this winter got postponed or canceled. As a result of our poor snow year I have only raced twice since the beginning of January.  One race being the 10th Mountain Biathlon at Auburn Ski Club, I fell on the second lap breaking my pole and fell again on the start of the third lap broke my binding. Luckily, I had a warm up ski in the stadium to replace the broken binding ski and Glenn provided me with a spare pole when I came into the range. With all that drama, I still finished second behind Jordan McElroy.  Besides racing very little I’ve had lots of time to get some good training when usually I spend my time racing and recovering. After Nationals I plan on racing the Mammoth Biathlon, Tahoe Rim Tour, and the Billy Dutton Uphill.

We have solid California representation currently at US Biathlon Nationals.   Glenn Jobe is coaching Britt from Mammoth, Sam Zabell from Truckee, Rick Eckert from Reno and myself.  Jordan McElroy from Truckee is participating in a USBA junior camp and is being coached by USBA.  Also, Ted Hulbert from Palo Alto is competing this week in West.  Today was the sprint competition; overall the shooting was our weak link especially standing.

Far West Placing in age group:

Phillip Violett-5th 7misses

Britt Cogan-5th 7 misses

Jordan McElroy- 6th 6 misses

Sam Zabell- 11th 8 misses

Ted Hulbert- 6th 4 misses

Rick Eckert-10th 9 misses

Hope the rain at home turn to snow.  Good luck to those who participate this weekend in the rescheduled Snowshoe Thompson at ASC.

North American Biathlon Championships

Jericho, VT

It’s been a while, but I got another race start in. Wednesday Glenn and myself took a redeye to Jericho, VT for the North American Championships. Today was the first race of three. Ended up having a hard day on the range missing eight shots, but I felt good skiing. It was windy with strong gust so the majority of everyone had a challenge on the range so I’m still happy with my 7th place finish! Tomorrow is a 12.5K Pursuit race so I’ll focus on improving the range. His race went well as well but he did struggle a little on the range.

There is a little more snow here then home and it’s snowing! The roller ski loop was starting to show through the trail during the race so more snow is really going to help. The weather is going to be in the negative tomorrow. The east coast is the only place where you can experience sun, extreme cold, rain, snow, sleet, and slush! I hope a storm comes thru Tahoe get some racing this February.
Think Snow!

Grand Rapids, MN 15k Mass Start


This morning I had a tough 15k mass start.  I ended up visiting the penalty 13 times, so that is almost 2k extra added to my race;-( I had a very poor end result for the day, but I’m actually excited that I felt great racing and was able to push hard on the up hills and the flats.  My next biathlon races are the North American Championships Mid-January in Jerico, VT so I have work to do the next few weeks to fix my shooting errors.

Bentleyville Tour of Lights

Post race my father and I made the trip from Grand Rapids to the big city of Duluth for some tourist action.  First we visited the shores of Lake Superior for a shore hike on the beautiful lake. After our hike we stumbled upon a Holliday light show called Bentleyville.  The exhibition included lights, ice-skating, popcorn, hot chocolate, coffee, and cookies.  Classic Mid-west entertainment it really turned on my Holiday energy.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Grand Rapids, MN 12.5k Pursuit

Pursuit Race Start

My pursuit race today was super solid, Finished 6th hitting 16 of 20 shoots(1,1,0,2).  This is a PR shooting percentage for me!  This is also the first race I cleaned a shooting stage so I’m totally excited!  The skiing half of the race was solid, it was not the fasted I ever skied but I was able to push myself on the hills and flats.   I learned from my sprint race to ease up before the range so I could hit my targets.

Post-race I went for a little hike at the Sugar Hills Nordic ski trails with my dad.  I hike helped clear the lactic acid from my legs for the race tomorrow.  If you are ever in the Grand Rapids area and there is snow, Sugar Hills are where you want to ski the trail are really fun and skiable unlike Mount Itasca.

Phill Violett Pursuit Start

Phill Violett pursuit Prone1

Phill Violett pursut prone2

Phill Violett Pursuit Standing1

Phill Violett Pursuit Standing2

Phill Violett Penalty loop

Tomorrow is a 15k Mass Start

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Phillip Violett Mount Itasca, MN

Thursday I traveled to Minnesota with my father Paul Violett for the IBU Cup trials in Grand Rapids.  Friday was a quality training day, My prone shooting was the best its ever been.  I did a few pick-ups to wake up the body in preparation for racing.  Mount Itasca has a 2.5k loop of man made snow.

Phillip Violett, Sprint start Mount Itasca, MN

Today, I races the 10K sprint race. The format is 2.5k shoot prone,  2.5k shoot standing, and then two 2.5k loops to total 10k.  Overall, the race was a little disappointing , I had 2 misses prone and 4 misses standing finishing in 7th.  I came into the standing shooting way to hot so my heart rate was thru the roof making it very hard to hit anything.  Skiing felt good so I hope to link fast skiing and straight shooting the next two races.

Paul Violett, Lost Forty

Post race my Dad and I made the hour trip north from Grand Rapids to the Lost Forty in the Chippewa National Forest.  The Lost Forty is a forty anchors of old growth forest that did not get cut in the turn of the century. Coming from California and being a forester’s son the trees are not very impressive, but for the mid-west it was very impressive.

Sprint start

Sprint Prone

Sprint Standing

Sprint Lap

Sprint Finish

Tomorrow, I have a 12.5k Pursuit Race Starting at 11am!

Tower Climbing/ Time Trial

This week I made the trip to Bell Gardens, CA (East L.A. area) for a Tower Climbing Certification class.  This certification is allowing me to start working on communication towers.  I’m excited to get out of the office and get some experience working in the field.  Overall, the class was basic it incorporated repelling (controlled descending in OHSA lingo), climbing, and a rope access rescue.  My rock/tree climbing  background help me feel comfortable on the tower for the first time.  My Job for the next few months is to map existing AT&T towers and document the equipment used.


Mounting my first antenna on a monopole

Traveling to L.A made it a hard to get really good training in the early part of the week.  Before the in doors training day did an interval session on the treadmill in the hotel.  Friday, I joined up with Glenn, Carol, and Sam for a 25 min time trial with 4 shooting breaks at ASC. Amazingly the skiing was great, thanks Bill!  This week I’m working on speeding up my range time while keeping my accuracy.  Saturday Trish road biked while i classic roller skied for two house in Auburn on old 40.  The weather was really nice it hard to think it’s December. Hope the weather turn bad soon so we can get some more skiing in besides the 5 min loop at ASC.  Today, I met up with the biathlon crew at ASC for a last biathlon training session before i leave to Minnesota on Thursday.  Also, ASC hosted the first  full Biathlon Clinic of the session.

Phillip Violett @ top of monopole


Think Snow!