About Martin Benes

Martin has been a Nordic coach for a range of programs from NCAA champion Dartmouth College to working with 1-2-3 Ski! at Auburn Ski Club. Martin grew up racing in the Far West division in high school, competing on three junior national teams. This is his 6th season as a Nordic coach, having coached for Auburn Ski Club, Dartmouth College, Bates College, Far West, and, currently, Sugar Bowl Academy. As a coach he has worked with Far West junior programs the past 5 summers as well as coached for Far West at 3 junior nationals, 3 nationals, and various other camps and competitions. He is also the founder/creator and head coach of the Collegiate Summer Residency Program. He has been Nordic skiing his whole life and raced competitively from 8th grade through senior year of college, serving as captain of his college team for his senior season.

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