USCSA National Championships

After racing Pacos Valentine’s Race a week ago and the President’s Cup last weekend, I feel like getting more and more into race shape. The two local races were a great preparation for the upcoming competitions. Racing in a strong Junior and Senior field at the President’s Cup was a great experience and will certainly help me for the races at the USCSA National Championships in two weeks. Patrick and Jordan as our strongest Juniors were a real challenge on Monday and I had to use all extra gears to keep up =). Actually, all the juniors did an excellent job during that race and I’m confident that they will do great at JOs. They all made huge progress this season and it is always great to race and train with them.
On march 3rd I will travel to Sunday River, ME for the 2012 USCSA Championships with the UNR Winter Sports Club. I expect to have 4 races during a period of 5 days (Classic Sprint, 8.5k Freestyle, 15k Classic, and a team relay). I’m super excited for this trip and I’m glad August is coming with us as coach (great skis guaranteed =).

Now let’s go out there and ski!

first snow?

Being a skier in the Far West recently hasn’t been easy. The most essential ingredient of skiing is missing and it has been for a long, long time. I run in t-shirt and shorts when I should be skiing. I rollerski when I really should be doing kilometers on snow. The whole thing seems upside down. I have to admit, I’m jealous of my ski fellows back home who have plenty of that wonderful white matter! But for the first time in a long time, I looked at the weather forecast and was sure there is something about to change. I keep my fingers crossed for next week. Beautiful mountains covered in snow under the California sun. The way it’s supposed to be! Can’t wait…

Paco’s Fun Race

Hey Skiers!

Yesterday I was able to race at ASC for the first time this season in the Paco Sprint/Distance races. What seemed funky at first with the three prologues followed by a 6k, turned out to be an attractive competition for both racers and spectators. It was motivating to beat your own times in the prologue and be able to see how much the times vary between the first and the third run. I thought the race course was extremely fun with two killer uphills that provided enough chances to make up time.

Now I’m ready for some snow!


This is a picture from back home in Switzerland:


Happy Holidays!

West Yellowstone

Skiing in West Yellowstone was two years ago was one of my most memorable skiing experience as a college skier. A small place in the middle of the woods turns into a perfect nordic skiing town, and everywhere you go you meet fellow XC skiers. I was amazed back then and I’m amazed now about how big and enthusiastic the Midwestern XC skiing community presents itself. I ran into quite a few all too familiar skiers on and off the tracks, and it underlines once again the beauty of “West”. You come together and do what you like most.

I’ve been lucky to be able to stay with my teammate Wyatt and his wonderful family. I got to enjoy an authentic Thanksgiving dinner that would make my friends back home in Switzerland jealous :) It was always one of my favorite holidays since it is oftentimes when the first snow falls up in the mountains. I hope my body can convert the extra calories into energy for tomorrow’s race! It’s the first one out of the season, let’s make it a good one!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Perfect Study Break

Last Sunday, a few of us early birds were going out for a combo training up in Squaw Valley, to get the most out of the three days weekend. We mounted our Rollerskis and backpacks in the morning when the majority of college students were still recovering from the debauchery of the previous Halloween night. The sun and the fresh air felt amazing while we were cruising over the pavement. My mind was clear, focused and free of any tasks that could arise concerning school. I made me realize once again how helpful these outdoor practices are for my work in school. Later that day I could tackle my homework with energy and motivation that I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. Life and skiing is all about balance and harmony, and I know that a good workout in the morning will have a positive effect later when I approach my reading and writing.
“I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing” ~ Marsha Doble

First Ski Of The Season

Snow! It came fast and unexpected, leaving me without a choice. I wanted to go ski! Not only was it one of the earliest I’ve ever skied, but the conditions were perfect for a first time ski. While my friends back home in Switzerland have to ski on an icy and windy glacier track, I could ski on a 2km loop at Auburn Ski Club, always under the bright California sun. The feeling of having “real” skis under my feet cam quickly back, and after some technique drills I was ready to fly over the Snow! I realized how much I missed skiing and it got me stoked for the upcoming season!

Sierra Skogsloppet

Racing shortly after a long travel might not sound like a good idea for many of us. I was a little skeptical at first as well, after coming back from Europe last Saturday. I felt tired and waking up in the middle of the night due to Jetlag isn’t always fun. But I decided to jump into Monday’s race at Tahoe Donner and it was the time I recovered the fastest from a long travel! It was tough to adjust to the altitude again, but after all I felt good. Given that I get enough sleep and feel healthy, this might be a way to adjust quicker in the future.

I want to use this opportunity to say thanks to the organizer of the Sierra Skogsloppet. They did a great a job and it was a lot of fun up there!

There just isn’t any skiing like Tahoe skiing!

See you on the tracks!