All sorts of adventures

In an effort to visit some family and prolong the race season as long as possible, I’m off to Iceland to do one more ski race. The race is called the Fossavatnsgangan (for real, and is a 50km classic on May 4th. I’ll be doing the race with my dad and some of his ski friends. I realized today this race will be closer to the first race I do next season than the first race I did this season, Yikes.

Here’s a photo courtesy of wyatt of a little late season training in CA. Who says style doesn’t count for anything.


About Spencer Eusden

Spencer is a born and raised Mainer and a recent graduate from Bowdoin College. After experiencing summer skiing and real mexican food during the first year of the Far West College Summer Residency Program in 2011, he had little choice but to come back and race for Far West!