Road Trip Survival Guide as taught by Ben Grasseschi

after spending the last two days driving from Sun Valley, ID to Vail, CO, Spence and I have realized how much we have learned about surviving long road trips from ASC and Farm Team coach Ben Grasseschi. The top ten Grasseschi nuggets of wisdom….

1. Swedish fish are a necessity.

2. In emergencies (example: more than 12 hours of continuous driving and/or at least one empty gas tank incident), resort to Red Bull.

3. Never trust the gas light.

4. Always stop for taco trucks.

5. “Hey Cow” — a game in which members of the vehicle yell out the window at nearby livestock, winning points for how many cows actually look up.

6. Always prioritize fresh tracks, regardless of which side of the road the freshies may be on or whether they are even on the road.

7. Stock up on fireworks while driving through Nevada.

7.5. Do not allow August to have possession of the lighter and/or smoke bombs.

8. Sing out loud to yourself about what is happening in the van; no tune necessary.

9. Whenever you are stopped, relocate to the top of the van for some quick Vitamin D.

10. Rumble strips are built for your personal entertainment.

About Beth Taylor

hey everybody! I am a recent Bates College graduate originally from the lovely state of Vermont. I enjoy snow, sunshine, and lounging….all great reasons to move to Tahoe. I’m stoked to be out here and ready to rip it up this winter!