Birkie Fever

Holly’s first Birkebeiner and my second was just splendid. We stayed with a bunch of Colby alums and managed to take part in a bunch of great Birkie traditions, like waiting for a bathroom before the race in the famous Telemark Lodge (thanks to Brandon’s Coffee) and enjoying the post-race festivities at the soup tent followed by the Moccasin Bar (which has the world record Muskie on the wall). We both skied to top 50 finishes on some fast Farm Team wax. Warmer temperatures this year were welcomed – I didn’t even have to stop once to warm up or put on a sweater.


About Wyatt

Hi. I live in Reno, NV and just completed my masters degree in hydrology at the UNR graduate school. I competed in three NCAA skiing championships for Colby College from 2008 to 2011, where I majored in geology. Originally from Boise, Idaho, I’m pumped to be skiing and racing in the Sierras. I like mountain biking, running, eating salmon, walking on my hands, dumpster-diving, and playing guitar.