Good to be back

The last several months, from Thanksgiving up through our latest adventures at US Nationals, have been a whirlwind.

I went from West Yellowstone to Bozeman

to Truckee

to Vail

to Pennsylvania

back to Truckee

and finally to Utah.

That is a lot of driving, flying, and sitting around and/or running around in airports when flight after flight was delayed. It was worth it though: I got to have Thanksgiving with these people, 

Christmas with these people

road trip with these people

hang out with this guy

and this girl

and race here

and here

and here.

Traveling will get ya though and it got me…about halfway through US Nationals I had to admit that the sneezing, coughing, snotting and “sexy voice” I had going on was more than just racer’s cough from the cold Utah air. Nationals only comes around once a year though, so I put my head down, raced, and hoped the training I put in this summer and fall would hold up against some of the fastest girls in the country.

Although I may not have had exactly the races I was looking for, I set some Nationals personal bests for myself with a 16th place finish in the 10k skate and a 15th place finish in the 20k classic. Thanks to rockin coaches Grassech, Martin, and August for skis and wisdom….and New Year’s entertainment.

And now….it’s good to be back in Truckee. Far West, far best.



About Beth Taylor

hey everybody! I am a recent Bates College graduate originally from the lovely state of Vermont. I enjoy snow, sunshine, and lounging….all great reasons to move to Tahoe. I’m stoked to be out here and ready to rip it up this winter!