Why you should join the farm team

Here is a substantial list of reasons a skier should join the farm team. I’m very grateful to be where I am.


1. We have a lot of snow before and after most other places in the country have snow. So instead of doing things other than skiing, like roller skiing and running, you will do what you came here to do, SKI!

2. Unlike other places that also get a lot of snow we have 8 hours of daylight on the darkest day of the year to ski in the snow

3. While you are skiing on all that snow in all that daylight, it will be warm. Despite what locals here might say, compared with most other ski towns in the country Truckee is pretty warm. This week was especially cold and I skied in high single digits once.

4. There are two ski areas with each 100+ km of skiing, which makes over distances (and all skiing) awesome

5. Our coaches are not only some of the best I’ve worked with but also some of the nicest people you will ever meet

6. The area has a strong nordic community with a number of generous sponsors who are commited to making you feel at home here and supporting cross country skiing. The amount of support I have received here beyond what was in my contract, from housing to finding a job and making sure I’m fed well, has been amazing.

7. Despite flying a bit under the radar nationally the funding the Farm Team is on par with a majority of clubs in the U.S.

8 There are a ton of junior skiers to workout with, coach, be role models for and silly with. Even though I’m supposed to be the one getting them excited about skiing, I find it often works the other way.

9. The college summer training program Martin Benes runs brings a very solid group here to train each summer.

10. Truckee is a cross training paradise. With good late season/summer snow tons of road and mountain biking, trail running, and of course paddleboarding

11. It doesn’t rain here. It is either sunny or snowing. This season I have trained in the rain a grand total of 2 times, enough said.

12. Despite being at high altitude it is quite feasible to go train at lower altitude with out driving more than an hour. This also feels really good.

13. The Far West regions is one of the smaller ones in the U.S. and despite being a small region there are a lot of big name reps. This is a great combination to get equipment support.

14. California has awesome produce and really good Mexican food.

15. Being a ski bum (as that is what most people not familiar with professional cross country racing call it) is a completely acceptable lifestyle here.

16. All of your friends back home will be jealous of your rad tan and ripped body from all the pushups you will do.

17. Ski areas here are committed to hosting big races. Tahoe Donner XC’s interest and support is the reason Supertour Finals are here this April and Auburn Ski Club is as consistent a host for Junior Nationals as any other area.

18. On your days off, that other kind of skiing is pretty good here. Pictured here is fellow Farmer Noah thoroughly enjoying a typical day here.

19. It is beautiful here. Photo from Auburn Ski Club a few days ago.

20. Let’s be honest do you really need any more. . . Okay fine. There is a pretty cool lake near by. I hear it’s fairly large, blue, and beautiful. If big lakes aren’t your thing there are a lot of other smaller ones that make for great swimming all summer long.

I’ll post a list of why you shouldn’t join the farm team once I come up with a few reasons. . .

About Spencer Eusden

Spencer is a born and raised Mainer and a recent graduate from Bowdoin College. After experiencing summer skiing and real mexican food during the first year of the Far West College Summer Residency Program in 2011, he had little choice but to come back and race for Far West!