Yesterday I got the new Far West Farm Team uniform, and I was really excited to wear it around skiing at Auburn Ski Club with some of the Farmers. We’ve decided that there are a few options for ski team chants: my favorites are “EE I EE I O” and “Farmers Hoe!”. I think the Old McDonald version is perfect for cheering during races. It goes nicely alongside the “hup-hup-hup” and “Hi-yah hi-yah hi-yah” staples of the sport.

It was also Summit Sunday that day, and we got a couple of summits while skiing and enjoying the California sun. We made a human pyramid with Wyatt at the summit, showed off the new uniforms, and skied to the top of the jumping hill.



Music: Check out San Cisco’s “Awkward“. I heard it on KEXP‘s song of the day. I’ve always been a little fascinated with the Northwest in a sort of idolized way. I visited Seattle once on a band trip in high school, but I have to admit that the formation of the area in my head is based on little actual information. Its got the same mysterious draw that Alaska holds for some other people. I used to dream of moving to Seattle, and listening to KEXP was a big part of that dream.

About Gus

My full name is Gustavo, though I go by Gus. I was a member of the UNR NCAA Ski Team from 2008-2010 and a founder of the UNR Winter Sports Club. I have been a Far West Farm Team member for 2 seasons so far and am looking forward to my third year. I’m working my way toward being a ski coach and english teacher, while still trying to be as fast as I can be. I love mountains and canyons and rivers. My favorite place to be outside of skiing is in the Grand Canyon, though I don’t get to go there as much as I’d like. I’ve started a collaborative project called #summitsunday this year. Check it out and join the movement at