Channeling My Inner Camp Counselor

I hear there’s pretty good snow at ASC, and I am going to check it out this weekend, but most of my week has been spent dry-land training in Tahoe City. Both Kara and I have been trying to keep things interesting for our athletes at North Tahoe, with the absence of snow to ski on at Tahoe XC. We run, jump, play games, do strength training, and whatever else we can think of to get our athletes primed for when the snow flies for real.

Today, for something to mix up the dreary dry-land atmosphere, we decided to hold an athletic scavenger hunt. Objectives included running to (and taking pictures at) landmarks on the trail system, doing a certain number of collective push-ups and sit-ups, gathering various items, and my personal favorite: write and perform a song about your coaches. Running a scavenger hunt reminded me of being a camp counselor.

We had several talented wordsmiths for the songs. Here is only one of their creations: Kara And Gus: Best Coaches Ever (I hope that link worked. I don’t know how to embed video here yet)

After practice I hurried down to get pictures of the lake at sunset.

That’s it for now. See you at ASC and the Far West Kickoff Party at Cottonwood this Sunday.


Music: I’m digging This Train. You don’t know how long I searched for a rendition of this song that I liked. I had been hoping to find a Woody Guthrie version, but- to the best of my internet research skills- I don’t know that it exists. There are also pretty sweet versions with Mumford and Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros; and a bluesier version by Big Bill Broonzy.

About Gus

My full name is Gustavo, though I go by Gus. I was a member of the UNR NCAA Ski Team from 2008-2010 and a founder of the UNR Winter Sports Club. I have been a Far West Farm Team member for 2 seasons so far and am looking forward to my third year. I’m working my way toward being a ski coach and english teacher, while still trying to be as fast as I can be. I love mountains and canyons and rivers. My favorite place to be outside of skiing is in the Grand Canyon, though I don’t get to go there as much as I’d like. I’ve started a collaborative project called #summitsunday this year. Check it out and join the movement at