Bozeman Update

With two of the the three races in Bozeman down, here’s an update on how things have gone. On a hilly skate course Thursday the women crushed with all three qualifying for the senior heats in a stacked field, Beth 15th, Katrin 21st, and Emily 28th. Also Patrick qualified 2nd for the junior heats and was the 3rd junior boy overall. Times were really tight for both men and women and despite not qualifying for the rounds thursday was a solid step forward from the races in West Yellowstone.

Saturday was a flat classic course were many of the men choose to double pole it on skate skis. In order to rest up and be ready for the classic 15km Sunday I sat out the race and played coach/wax-tech helping ben with testing skis. Conditions were soft and flat favoring skiers who could ski tall and strong. It initially looked like Beth had made the heats, she was even given a bib, but the correction of a previous timing error bumped her back into the most unfortunate position 31. Katrin saved the team by solidly qualifying in the junior women’s heats and ending up 3rd for junior women. Sunday’s classic race is going to be wild. The course is hilly, twisty, and turny, conditions are supposed to be snow/rainy, and there are over a hundred men in the mass start.

If you didn’t already know, ski coaches work really hard. This morning Ben had the wax table set up and was testing top-coats before the sun was up. So thank you all. As good as I think I am at waxing we would be in a lot of trouble without you. Also during my pretend-to-be-a-coach-day I learned some other tidbits about coaching. . .

As fun and useful as Walkie-Talkies are their harnesses are also pretty rad. They make you feel super important and are surprisingly convenient for carrying things.


Also ski bags are an excellent place to take a nap.

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Spencer is a born and raised Mainer and a recent graduate from Bowdoin College. After experiencing summer skiing and real mexican food during the first year of the Far West College Summer Residency Program in 2011, he had little choice but to come back and race for Far West!