Driving East (to West): Road Trip Observations

California has snow. Nevada has rainbows. Idaho……is flat. And has windmills. This is what we have learned so far on our trek from Truckee to West Yellowstone. Other things we have learned: there are at least three female truck drivers between California and Idaho; I am a hipster; leftover brussels sprouts are surprisingly tasty (when saturated with bacon); and gravy baked into bread is a total success. Patrick and Spencer, through extensive experiementation, have learned that cows located on the left side of the road are less responsive to loud noises than cows who reside on the right side of the road (going east). We have also discovered that Martin can drop some smooth lyrics and that we were instructed to pack lunches (thank god for the brussels sprouts and gravy bread). Despite Martin’s lyric-dropping talents, he gets easily excited when looking for potato fields and may be likely to veer (nearly) off the road. We also did some field research in Twin Falls, Idaho, during which we discovered that there IS some level of diversity in Idaho, as well as a lot of thrift stores in a very small area. Idaho brings up many questions for us….for example, what does one do in Idaho? And more importantly, there is a place called Seagull Bay in Idaho….why? A final fact gained in a casino Starbucks in Elko, Nevada: Baja Fresh is not seafood.

Only four more hours to go…..

Dark Storm Rain Storm

I am up in Tahoe City again after a couple of days spent visiting various Brautigams in Reno and Truckee. I struggled to motivate for a workout today. It was rainy, and I don’t like rainy. I grew up surrounded by desert climate, and usually rain is a welcome thing, but I really start to dislike it when it comes in November and it’s supposed to be white and fluffy. I ended up doing a strength session today because they can be quick and still beneficial. This way I could sit around on my computer organizing my iTunes library without feeling so guilty about not having done any training today. Typically I don’t like working out inside, especially on contraptions like treadmills, but with strength it doesn’t bother me as much.

I hope the altitude of the snow line drops soon, so that we can return to sunny, snowy California here in Tahoe City because I’m looking forward to skiing Tahoe XC, though I think that most of the XC places with a bit more elevation like ASC got some snow.

Unrelated to the strength session, but here is a picture from a ski I had at TDXC earlier this past week. As you can tell, PK and August had a good time despite the significant melting. It probably was because it wasn’t raining.

Music: The Aussies turned me onto a band called The Jezebels, and I’ve been really into this song called Dark Storm


Touch Down in Truckee

I made it. After 7 days of long drives, beautiful views (colorado, Utah), not so beautiful views (won’t mention any in order to avoid hurt feelings), and one very dirty car, I’ve arrived in Truckee. And of course the first thing I did was go skiing at ASC, which, although rock skiing, was still skiing!!!! I’m trying to take it slow and adjust to altitude (and get my feet back under me after sitting in a car for a week) but hopefully we’ll get some snow next week and I’ll be ready to ski and ski and ski! Truckee High School practice started the Tuesday, marking my first day as a ski coach. It looks like a really strong group of athletes this year- a lot of very competitive kids who are really invested in having fun by pushing themselves in training and racing, not just by gossiping on the sidelines (of course, that is also very important). When you learn how to have fun even when you’re exhausted and about to collapse, you know you were to be a nordic skier. I’m looking forward to meeting to larger Truckee/Tahoe Nordic Community as the weeks go by and I’m really looking forward to the potential snow this weekend (knock on wood)! See y’all on the trails! Ps. tried but failed to upload pictures…I’ll stick them on another post.


Mock Sprint

First and foremost, this video is probably the most accurate description of my relationship with sprinting.

In getting read for some the early season sprints at the West Yellowstone and Bozeman Supertours, we ran a mock sprint today at Auburn Ski Club. We managed to put together a pretty good group of guys, with fellow farmers Noah, Gus, and Wyatt, The Aussies, and some local junior skiers. The format went: self timed prelim, then 3 self seeded heats more or less staggered so everyone finished around eachother to make for some good fast pack skiing. I had some binding and proudly pulled up the rear, but it was still a blast and always fun to go fast.


Here are some photos: I am also the proud new member of a pair of Far West tights courtesy of Martin

Resurrected from the dead

Unfortunately, no matter how you try and avoid it getting sick happens to all of us. I spent most of last week KO’ed in bed. Despite the excellent care of fellow farmers Beth, Noah, Wyatt, and Gus, I still managed to lose 10 pounds and am just getting back into the rhythm of training this weekend. As anxious as I am to get back into full on butt kicking training mode, it’s important to make sure my body is actually ready to take in the training. Credit to Jeff Schloss for the rule of waiting to do intensity until 3 days after you start feeling good i.e. actually working out when you have been really sick.

On a more upbeat note, I’m unbelievably excited for our trip to the West Yellowstone ski festival. Even more exciting is the trip to the Supertours in Bozeman myself, Beth, Coach Ben, and some of the juniors (Patrick, Katrin, and ???) Few things about this trip are certain other than it will be buckets binders of fun, I will probably lose any facial hair growing competition, and there will be a lot of skiing. Words can hardly describe my anticipation. . .

Haulin’ Aussies

Yesterday, Gus, August, and two Austrailian National Team members, PK and Callum, came down to Reno from Truckee to do some low-altitude skate rollerski intervals up Mario Hill. The hill is pretty solid V1, but a strong skier can V2 it. It takes a little under two minutes going all out. Callum and PK were really putting the hurt on us. It was great to get to mix it up with such strong skiers that we don’t often see around Tahoe. They are training with August in Truckee until Thanksgiving camp at West Yellowstone, then are off to do world cups.

The October surprise skiing we had over the weekend might be over for a little while now that the snow is pretty much gone, but the mountain biking is still good. Here’s a photo from a ride Gus and I did today in the foothills below Mt. Rose. Fall colors are getting good, but it ain’t New England colors.