Mock Sprint

First and foremost, this video is probably the most accurate description of my relationship with sprinting.

In getting read for some the early season sprints at the West Yellowstone and Bozeman Supertours, we ran a mock sprint today at Auburn Ski Club. We managed to put together a pretty good group of guys, with fellow farmers Noah, Gus, and Wyatt, The Aussies, and some local junior skiers. The format went: self timed prelim, then 3 self seeded heats more or less staggered so everyone finished around eachother to make for some good fast pack skiing. I had some binding and proudly pulled up the rear, but it was still a blast and always fun to go fast.


Here are some photos: I am also the proud new member of a pair of Far West tights courtesy of Martin

About Spencer Eusden

Spencer is a born and raised Mainer and a recent graduate from Bowdoin College. After experiencing summer skiing and real mexican food during the first year of the Far West College Summer Residency Program in 2011, he had little choice but to come back and race for Far West!