I have many things to be thankful for this year (and a lot of catching up to do on blog posts). Mostly, I am thankful to be a professional ski racer, and here is why. first of all, when you’re a pro skier, you don’t have to wax your own skis. You never have to drive a van, but you do automatically get shotgun. You are held to the timeliness standards of a J2….in other words, pretty much none. Sometimes, you get free stuff. Best of all, you are actively encouraged to nap. And high school and college skiers wonder how you pull all of these things off. On that note, my bed is calling….happy Turkey Day, errybody.

pro skier life….Tahoe style

About Beth Taylor

hey everybody! I am a recent Bates College graduate originally from the lovely state of Vermont. I enjoy snow, sunshine, and lounging….all great reasons to move to Tahoe. I’m stoked to be out here and ready to rip it up this winter!