Race Season Peaking and Goals

The biggest goal I have for this upcoming race season is to race in the Birkie. The only thing is registration is full and I haven’t signed up yet. A new rule this year gives free race entry into the Elite Wave of the Birkie to the top 30 men and women in the Supertour points standings. Supetours include West Yellowstone, U.S. Senior Nationals, and Supertour Finals (hosted here in Truckee!). Points are awarded to skiers who finish in the top 30 of a supertour, the higher you place the more points you score. This is a pretty solid goal considering I’ve only ever scored 11 supertour points and I’ll need at least 80 to make the top 30, but I’ve been putting in the hours and workouts to do so.

In addition to training a bunch, I’ve also been working with my coaches to make sure my peak racing ability comes at the most opportune time for reaching my goals. Quite consistently over the last three years I have first reached my peak racing shape during the 3rd week of January. However, most of the Supertours I will be going to happen before the first week in January. So the question is how do you shift your racing peak almost a month sooner? Accomplishing this is still a work in progress, but essentially involves looking back at my training logs over the last couple years and identifying which workouts (and races) helped bring me into peak shape. Then we move these workouts sooner in the training schedule.


In other news a lot of people have put in some serious hours getting the Tahoe Donner XC courses ready for Supertour Finals here in Truckee the first week in April. 

Here is a section by a culvert the ASC and SBA junior teams widened considerably through adding mountains of rocks on either side.

And a brand new trail hand cut buy volunteers leading out of what will be a great stadium.

About Spencer Eusden

Spencer is a born and raised Mainer and a recent graduate from Bowdoin College. After experiencing summer skiing and real mexican food during the first year of the Far West College Summer Residency Program in 2011, he had little choice but to come back and race for Far West!