I’m killing it on Farm Team blog entries lately. This will be my second entry within the week.  I want to wish you all a happy “Summit Sunday!” If you don’t already know what summit Sunday is, then you had better find out soon. It’s a movement sweeping the region. Well, not really, but it’s something fun some friends and I invented as a means to stay in contact. The basic premise of the initiative is to do something fun or creative on a Sunday, and take a photo of yourself on top of something (hence the summit part). It has become a blog of it’s own, dedicated to the idea that you can “climb mountains” wherever you are, but you don’t have to climb a mountain every Sunday to participate. It’s an assertion of identity. It means you are mountain person, and as a mountain person you like to climb and play. It’s mostly something goofy to do to remind yourself to have fun.

The following is doubling as my farm team post, and is from my Summit Sunday post this week.


In the van on our way up I-80 towards Donner Summit from Truckee, I explained #summitsunday to the Auburn Ski Club guys. It was cold and foggy in Truckee, but as we climbed up the pass we eventually emerged from the fog to find that the beautiful California sun was shining down on us. Perfect opportunity for a summit photo. Ben pulled the van over and we, as a team, pushed forth for the van summit.

I got a second summit today after our ski. We pulled over again in the parking lot and climbed the snowbank. It was more treacherous than it appears, I was in flip-flops and it was slick.


If you’d like to see our prior entires and follow up on all of the goings on with #summitsunday, visit us at summitsunday.blogspot.com

Happy summiting,



P.s. For Music: I like that it’s cool to like Blink 182 again. I think I probably posted something on here from their reunion album when it came out last December. Here’s a song I like from one of the side projects while they were on hiatus. Parents be warned that there is the typical music video dancing and dress, and one bleeped-out word.

Here’s another song I heard on my drive back home from skiing today which I also like. It reminds me of being back in Utah and listening to the Sagebrush Serenade on Sundays on KRCL 90.9, the public radio station.



I skate skied auburn ski club for an hour and fifteen minutes today with no poles. The no poles thing was part strength workout and part I forgot them in my haste to move to Tahoe. Hopefully I can get them shipped soon!



I downloaded the new Taylor Swift album today. She’s such a sweetheart, and I heart her also.




If I can’t be in Truckee…

…I guess this is OK-

Although I’ve been dying to be skiing in Truckee, I’m still getting the most out of the beautiful fall foliage in Maine. All the roads from my house were paved recently so rollerskiing is bliss, especially since there is a fantastic, hilly road that goes forever with continuous views of the ocean. Last week, I led a hiking trip in Acadia National Park and the foliage was in full force, as were the sunny skies and crashing Ocean waves, which made me almost want to like salt water…but not quite. However, life could be worse. I’m still working at the Chewonki Foundation and teaching kids outdoor living skills which has been wonderful…mostly. But I’m anxiously awaiting the day I can pack up my Subaru, vote at the polls, and head west to join all of you in Truckee. I just hope the snow doesn’t disappear in the interim. Ski some Ks for me!

Race Season Peaking and Goals

The biggest goal I have for this upcoming race season is to race in the Birkie. The only thing is registration is full and I haven’t signed up yet. A new rule this year gives free race entry into the Elite Wave of the Birkie to the top 30 men and women in the Supertour points standings. Supetours include West Yellowstone, U.S. Senior Nationals, and Supertour Finals (hosted here in Truckee!). Points are awarded to skiers who finish in the top 30 of a supertour, the higher you place the more points you score. This is a pretty solid goal considering I’ve only ever scored 11 supertour points and I’ll need at least 80 to make the top 30, but I’ve been putting in the hours and workouts to do so.

In addition to training a bunch, I’ve also been working with my coaches to make sure my peak racing ability comes at the most opportune time for reaching my goals. Quite consistently over the last three years I have first reached my peak racing shape during the 3rd week of January. However, most of the Supertours I will be going to happen before the first week in January. So the question is how do you shift your racing peak almost a month sooner? Accomplishing this is still a work in progress, but essentially involves looking back at my training logs over the last couple years and identifying which workouts (and races) helped bring me into peak shape. Then we move these workouts sooner in the training schedule.


In other news a lot of people have put in some serious hours getting the Tahoe Donner XC courses ready for Supertour Finals here in Truckee the first week in April. 

Here is a section by a culvert the ASC and SBA junior teams widened considerably through adding mountains of rocks on either side.

And a brand new trail hand cut buy volunteers leading out of what will be a great stadium.

short post

I skied yesterday. On snow. It was fantastic.

I took it pretty easy since my knee is still recovering from my rollerski crash, but it was hard to keep from sprinting around and singing joyously at the top of my lungs.


Fall is for. . .

FAST: With the race season starting seem not that far away, we are building more and more intensity into our training program. Typically I’ve been doing 2 to 3 intensity workouts a week with some solid level 4 efforts. Beth Taylor and myself have been getting in Glenn Jobe’s infamous 5×5 workout once a month as well as a trip down to Colfax or the little town of Washington for some low elevation intervals every other week.

FUEL: After workouts, especially intervals, having some kind of post-workout snack/meal is key for a full recovery. Tacos Jalisco’s is usually my fuel of choice, however, packing your own recovery snack can be fun and tasty too. Below are fajitas and chocolate milk, kept cool in a thermos, YUM.

FUN: What would roller skiing be without some kind of shenanigans? Here we are piloting a revolutionary device to help minimize road rash during rollerski accidents.

and FOLIAGE?: Well I guess fall foliage is the one thing I’ll miss out on after moving to Truckee from the northeast, but a quick look at the weather forecast back home makes it seem worthwhile. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=43.907245174896936&lon=-69.96272489746093

T-shirt Inspiration

This morning I was rummaging in the basement through bunches of old boxes to find shirts to give my mom for my t-shirt quilt. I found a Nike shirt which inspired me to get out and go train. I made my way up East Canyon here in Utah to run a time trial we call Big Mtn. It is an interesting running time trial because it takes anywhere from 20-30 mins and is a good mix of rolling terrain and uphills.  I don’t think that it is really a good indicator of ski fitness, but I do think it is a good time trial for race readiness. What I mean by that is there are usually several other things that make up a good race, such as pacing, motivation, preparation, and warm up. You have to have it all come together to pull off a good race. There are people out there, whether genetically gifted or training animals, who don’t seem to go fast when you think they should. There are several reasons for it, and I’m not going to go into it too much, but let’s just say that there are people who learn to race smart. I think that Big Mtn is a time trial that helps people get used to strategy in races. It is long enough that pacing is a role, and has enough varied terrain that you need to know where you are and what’s ahead. There are three distinct sections in this course (start to the road crossing, road crossing to the bridge, and bridge to the finish up the switchbacks) that you can glance down at your watch to see if you are on time and pacing correctly.

I’ve done it once this year with the Wasatch Nordic Academy back in September, and this time I was 29 seconds faster (@ 23:39), but I was still nearly a minute off of my PR. I can only attribute a very small amount of time to doing this time trial on my own (because I think people are faster when other people are there to catch you), but I’m pleased with making progress.

I’m moving to Tahoe City next week and am getting excited to see you all again at the Far West Auction!

Here is a collage from East Canyon, the time trial, and my Nike shirt discovery

I’m going to keep sharing music in my blogs, I hope you don’t mind.

Recently I’ve been listening to the new Mumford and Sons, Muse, and Macklemore albums. All of which are exceptional!

but here is a gem for today.