Race Season is On!

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who has been shoveling the last few days that our winter is back on. This is the point in the ski season when it is sort of difficult to motivate for training and racing. On the other hand, conditions are great and the next 4 weeks of racing feature some really fun events. Paraphrasing my college coach, “Everyone will drive 15 hours North to find snow in December. When they have great conditions on their front doorstep in March, they don’t bother to get on the snow.” It’s really true though.

Maybe just pick two races to do instead of doing all four. Focus on technique. Do some adventure skiing somewhere new (up the fiberboard freeway maybe?) The race today was a great return to our usual winter conditions, and the good base makes the next month very promising.

I hope to see some busy ski trails!

About Michael

I am running, skiing, and exploring the Sierra Nevada. I first learned to ski at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. After earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, I returned to Los Angeles to work for two fire seasons on the Little Tujunga Hotshot Crew (USFS). This is my second winter in Tahoe.