Superstitious Snow

I think that my last post and the announcement of the Great Race being cancelled finally coaxed Ullr into showing his wrath. Snow dances and ski sacrifices are just another part of the superstitions we carry with us as skiers. With the snow that came down today I was reminded of the superstitions from my other athletic passion, baseball. Here’s a passage from The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach (I’d recommend it to anybody who likes baseball and novels). The quote comes from Henry during a very important game in the novel, and goes like this:

“Deep down, he thought, we all believe we’re God. We secretly believe that the outcome of the game depends on us, even when we’re only watching– on the way we breathe in, the way we breathe out, the t-shirt we wear, whether we close our eyes as the pitch leaves the pitcher’s hand.”

I definitely subscribed to this belief when I was a kid watching sports. I still do a little. I’d want my team to win so bad that I’d make up little actions I could do to jinx the other team, and will the ball in the basket or across the corner of the plate. Am I deluded enough to claim responsibility for today’s snowstorm with my disbelief of the previous night? maybe.


check out this mandolin playin.

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