Welcome Home

Mtnsaremyhome. That was the myspace screen name of a guy I met my freshman year of college at the University of Utah. And yes, we still used myspace back then. And no, it wasn’t nearly as weird then, as it is now, to have a myspace. We became friends because I spotted him in the dining hall with a Swix hat on, and I was like, “this guy has got to be a skier.” He was, and he was a really cool guy to get to know, but I just wanted to bring it up because I was thinking a lot about Utah mountains while I was at work today.

I’m working, if that’s what you wanna call it, up at the Northstar XC center. I say “if that’s what you wanna call it” because there hasn’t been much work to do there since the xc trails aren’t open for skiers due to lack of snow. I mostly sit around answering phone calls from people asking about the conditions. This one guy told me he just came from two weeks skiing at my home resort of Alta, and we both lamented the increase of ticket prices and lack of snow around the west. I don’t know that my managers would be happy if they knew how much idle chit-chat I threw into that phone-call. I can almost feel them cringing on the inside as they see money walk out the door with every hour I’m at the register with no paying customers. Their financial worries has meant short hours and long lunch breaks for me. Today during my 2.5hour lunch break, I decided to be a nordie and run on the trails to get a workout in. After about 50 mins of running on everything from dirt, to hardpacked snow, and ice; I ended up climbing to the top of Mt. Pluto. I definitely got some strange looks from snowboarders coming down the alpine runs. I even got one, “you must be ripped, bro.”

At the top I saw this advertisementBy some strange twist of fate, I was wearing my University of Utah orientation t-shirt (which earlier in the day I had been told is an inappropriate base-layer for my uniform). I thought it was funny, seeing as I was an English Major.  On my way down I gave a couple of helpful pushes to stranded snowboarders on the flats. I smiled a lot during those 2.5hours away from the grind. I was reminded, once again, that mountains are my home. Even though I’m caged up answering phones right now, I know that this job is one which allows me to work in the mountains; to work from home. And for that I’m thankful.


For music I’m recommending Radical Face’s “Welcome Home”, but am showing you a video in which it is featured. Playing off the idea of running up mountains for fun, check out this video of Ueli Steck speed climbing (the music starts at 1:15) I have a feeling mountains are his home too.


So this is a pretty crazy winter. Or can we even call it winter? Seems like there’s no snow anywhere. Boise is dry as a bone, and so is Truckee. But

luckily I skied

for the past few days in McCall, Idaho with my family at the awesome trails at Bear Basin. Forget Rumford – this is where US nationals should be right now.

My brother Charlie (also known as Chuck Weed) who skis for Montana State, and I did an informal race with the Bogus Basin Nordic Team (of which we are both alums) and a few McCall Nordic Team kids on Saturday. Mass start, three laps of 2k. My brother Absolutely killed me in a sprint finish, but I take consolation in the fact that he never led, while I led the entire last lap. Also, he’s got about 40 pounds on me. I’m not trying to make excuses or anything. Thanks to Tuck Miller and the McCall crew for hosting the race and giving out sweet prizes: I got hand-sanitizer and my brother got a can of corn. My dad raced as well, winning the gummer division coming away with a can of black olives.


I am now back in the ‘No (as we “biggest little city” residents affectionately call Reno). The New Years Day drive back from Salt Lake City went well. I did a Wasatch Citizens Series race at Soldier Hollow the day before I left. It was sooooo icy! SoHo has about 3ks of man-made snow coating their trails. It’s not much, but I’m thankful that it’s at least consistent and void of rocks. The race was a bit of a wake up call. Maybe it was the icy-turns on the course (speeding up only to slow down and make sure I didn’t fall off course), but I never quite felt like I was able to get up to speed. Looking to put in some good training over the next few weeks and get that killer instinct back.



my new favorite music youtuber. Give her a listen