All In Good Time

The snow conditions in Tahoe have been slightly underwhelming recently. However, Incline Nordic did spend our first day on snow at Tahoe Meadows on Nevada’s Hwy 431. It was really a blast. I would like to say we did lots of carefully planned technique drills in the 12″ of powder but that would just not be true.

However, conditions at Auburn Ski Club are great right now. It’s little comfort to the North Tahoe and Incline teams when they have school midweek, but then what are weekends for if not for skiing?

Also, I am really excited to see some great results from Far West juniors and seniors at the West Yellowstone Ski Festival. I had a large family gathering in San Francisco, but I am looking forward to some excellent out-of-region racing later in the year.

West Yellowstone

Skiing in West Yellowstone was two years ago was one of my most memorable skiing experience as a college skier. A small place in the middle of the woods turns into a perfect nordic skiing town, and everywhere you go you meet fellow XC skiers. I was amazed back then and I’m amazed now about how big and enthusiastic the Midwestern XC skiing community presents itself. I ran into quite a few all too familiar skiers on and off the tracks, and it underlines once again the beauty of “West”. You come together and do what you like most.

I’ve been lucky to be able to stay with my teammate Wyatt and his wonderful family. I got to enjoy an authentic Thanksgiving dinner that would make my friends back home in Switzerland jealous :) It was always one of my favorite holidays since it is oftentimes when the first snow falls up in the mountains. I hope my body can convert the extra calories into energy for tomorrow’s race! It’s the first one out of the season, let’s make it a good one!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy thanksgiving y’all. I’m back in West Yellowstone, MT for the first time since high school and it’s just like old times. Totally awesome.  I’m staying with my family but I’ve been able to train with the Far West juniors and other old friends. It’s like a giant ski reunion. The past four years at Colby our team spent thanksgiving camp in Quebec, trying to get some on-snow time and flaunt our turkey day pride in French Land. That was great. But its just not the same as being in West where everything is going down in the Nordic ski world. I think there are more people here than I’ve ever seen. Pretty sure the entire state of Minnesota is here in fact. I got in my first race of the season yesterday: a classic sprint followed by a skate sprint. Pretty fun to get back out there and dust off the old cobwebs. Not in too great of shape yet, but it was totally fun and a great workout. Going for the “racing into shape plan this year as a full-time grad student. Tomorrow is the 15k skate, then 10k classic on sunday. Oh yaa. Turkey. Football. America.

West Yellowstone, MT

The Far West crew made the 14 hour drive from snowy Truckee to snowy West Yellowstone.  Upon arrival we have been living a ski racer lifestyle, skiing twice a day with all you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Life is Good!

Phillip Violett, Sprint West Yellowstone

Wednesday Morning  most of the juniors  competed in one of two sprint races.  Overall, Far West had great results with Katrin leading the J1 girls in the classic sprint.  In the afternoon the Biathletes competed in the 10k sprint race.  Dylan, Jordan, and Myself all skied solid races but struggled some in in the range.  Thanks to the Coaches Ben, Jeff and Glenn for fast skies and a Great Zero.

Phillip Violett, Sprint Standing West Yellowstone

Boarding a Train

Tomorrow I’m heading to Salt Lake City for a Thanksgiving weekend with my parents. I think I’ll use this weekend as an opportunity to get in a lot of training, reading, and catching up with old friends. If on top of that I could get a bit of homework done and finally finish my grad-school applications, it would be the perfect week. Typically ski trips start out with grand notions of productivity, but quickly diminish into hours of watching Law and Order re-runs between training and races. I don’t know that I’m thinking of this trip as a ski trip though. It’s more of a vacation in which I will be skiing.

Also, I’m taking the train back to SLC for the first time and am uber-excited. I’ve ridden trains before, but never quite for an extended amount of time. This one feels like a cross-country trip. I’m taking the Hogwarts Express back home for holiday. As preparation I’ve been listening to songs about trains. Here’s one of my favorites.

Finally, I got to do a couple of days of skiing last weekend. The first day was a classic adventure ski where there wasn’t much snow. The second day was a classic ski around Auburn Ski Club, which now has plenty of snow. Here’s a photo from our adventure ski:

We tucked in what elias termed "The Tip-ee"

Thanksgiving is Coming

Hey all,

I just wanted to check in and say hello again after what has been a very busy past week. Last weekend was the UNR Ski and Board Swap, now called Skiboom. It was bigger and better than ever! I didn’t get anything myself this year, but I definitely was eying all of the new and used gear. Over the past few years down here in Reno I’ve come up with some steals of deals on clothing and gear from the swap.

I did intervals this morning with Wyatt and Jeff Stein up in the hills of Rancho San Rafael. it looks like this week is going to be an intensity week leading up to the thanksgiving weekend. Sadly, I won’t be making it out to West Yellowstone this year. I’m heading home to Utah for a few days and will be hoping to get some skiing in as well as enter my local 5k turkey trot. Hope that these intervals this week open up the engine so that I can race fast.

Oh yeah, I’ve forgotten to keep up the tradition of telling you what I’m listening to. Right now it’s the new Feist album. Give this song a listen.


From L.A. to ASC


Phill Violett & Trish Ward @ the Getty

Congratulations to Far West for another successful auction/raffle! Sounds like I missed out on a great party. The last few weeks I’ve be busy working, training, and traveling. During the Far West Auction/Raffle weekend I made the trip down to L.A. to support Trish with a work event. While down south I got the opportunity to spend sometime surfing with my good buddy Casey Simons a Biathlon and Cross-Country national champion. If you are a vegan in the L.A. County area a couple of places to dine are The Veggie Grill (A chain with 7 locations in the area and Doomie’s a low key place in Hollywood. While down south we enjoyed a visit to the Getty Museum. The Getty has amazing art and beautiful views of the city and the pacific.

 During the work week a managed two quality interval workouts one roller skiing and the other ski walking and hill bounding. Thursday, night I joined my buddy for epic night single track mountain bike ride in Granite bay.

Phill Violett Night Rider


Fast-forward to this last weekend I enjoyed my first ski of the season! Saturday we had a on snow biathlon training session at the club! I feel like my shooting is improving just in time for the race season. Sunday, I stayed in Auburn for a O.D. Classic roller ski while Trish road biked, it was great to have the company during the workout.

Phill Violett @ ASC

Phill Violett Roller Skiing on Forest Hill Rd