Racing Season Underway

It’s hard to believe it, but racing season has officially begun here in the Far West region despite the lack of snow. ASC has done an incredible job working to keep some trails open for all of us, and many local volunteers have helped by shoveling snow. It’s super cool to see athletes come together like that, and really see the strength of a community effort. It was the community shovel party on Monday that enabled Wednesday’s classic sprint to take place.

Wednesday’s race went off without a hitch despite the tough conditions. I had a busy waxing day as a coach, and my attempt to pull double duty as both coach and racer proved to be super tough, as I ended up with about 2 minutes of warm up before my prelim race, despite going out last. For those who haven’t tried it (and I recommend highly against it!), take my word for it that doing an all-out sprint race with no warm-up is ROUGH and PAINFUL! Legs and arms seize up quite quickly and it becomes quite a challenge to try to move them fast. Lungs feel the pain too, as they burn unhappily when they haven’t been “opened up” before hand. But, it was (somehow!) still fun, and it’s always nice to put in a good hard effort, even if you’re not prepared. I’m glad I was able to jump in, though next time I hope the circumstances will be different! Being both a coach and a racer certainly has it challenges, but it has advantages too. Since Wednesday was a JN qualifier, the kids’ races were undoubtedly more important than my own, so waxing right up to my race was an easy choice that I made happily.

On another note, the first few races of this season have provided me with a platform to combine my journalism skills with my passion for skiing and racing. Check out my first two race reports, published in the Sierra Sun, Here:, and Here:!

About Kara

Hello hello! I am stoked to be on the Far West Farm Team this year. I grew up here in beautiful Truckee, Ca. and am a proud product of the Far West junior teams. I learned to ski and to love skiing here in these mountains, so it was only fitting that I come back to fuel my passion for the sport. After attending the University of Denver for three years, I transferred to the University of Nevada where I finished my NCAA skiing career and also threw in a year of running. Today, I am a triathlete, runner and as always, a skier. I am also a journalist with a passion for writing, story-telling and interacting. I love living and playing in the mountians with my dog Levi, and will change the world one day… one story at a time.