West Yellowstone

Skiing in West Yellowstone was two years ago was one of my most memorable skiing experience as a college skier. A small place in the middle of the woods turns into a perfect nordic skiing town, and everywhere you go you meet fellow XC skiers. I was amazed back then and I’m amazed now about how big and enthusiastic the Midwestern XC skiing community presents itself. I ran into quite a few all too familiar skiers on and off the tracks, and it underlines once again the beauty of “West”. You come together and do what you like most.

I’ve been lucky to be able to stay with my teammate Wyatt and his wonderful family. I got to enjoy an authentic Thanksgiving dinner that would make my friends back home in Switzerland jealous :) It was always one of my favorite holidays since it is oftentimes when the first snow falls up in the mountains. I hope my body can convert the extra calories into energy for tomorrow’s race! It’s the first one out of the season, let’s make it a good one!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!