The Perfect Study Break

Last Sunday, a few of us early birds were going out for a combo training up in Squaw Valley, to get the most out of the three days weekend. We mounted our Rollerskis and backpacks in the morning when the majority of college students were still recovering from the debauchery of the previous Halloween night. The sun and the fresh air felt amazing while we were cruising over the pavement. My mind was clear, focused and free of any tasks that could arise concerning school. I made me realize once again how helpful these outdoor practices are for my work in school. Later that day I could tackle my homework with energy and motivation that I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. Life and skiing is all about balance and harmony, and I know that a good workout in the morning will have a positive effect later when I approach my reading and writing.
“I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing” ~ Marsha Doble