He must be a nordie

This is how I met the UNR Ski Club:

I was new to Reno in September and didn’t know any of the trails. One day I was trying to mountain bike up a ridiculously steep trail that led up towards the giant “N”. I eventually gave up my futile attempt and turned back down. When I reached the bottom, I found August, Elias, Gus, and Jeff getting ready to do some bounding intervals up the crazy trail I was fiddling around on. August stopped me and said, ” are you a nordic skier, because nobody else would be stupid enough to try and mountain bike up something like that.” Nordies always know their own kind I guess. August invited me to join the UNR ski club and filled me in on where I could mountain bike without killing myself. And so began my introduction to what’s up in Reno for nordic skiers.

About Wyatt

Hi. I live in Reno, NV and just completed my masters degree in hydrology at the UNR graduate school. I competed in three NCAA skiing championships for Colby College from 2008 to 2011, where I majored in geology. Originally from Boise, Idaho, I’m pumped to be skiing and racing in the Sierras. I like mountain biking, running, eating salmon, walking on my hands, dumpster-diving, and playing guitar.