Happy thanksgiving y’all. I’m back in West Yellowstone, MT for the first time since high school and it’s just like old times. Totally awesome.  I’m staying with my family but I’ve been able to train with the Far West juniors and other old friends. It’s like a giant ski reunion. The past four years at Colby our team spent thanksgiving camp in Quebec, trying to get some on-snow time and flaunt our turkey day pride in French Land. That was great. But its just not the same as being in West where everything is going down in the Nordic ski world. I think there are more people here than I’ve ever seen. Pretty sure the entire state of Minnesota is here in fact. I got in my first race of the season yesterday: a classic sprint followed by a skate sprint. Pretty fun to get back out there and dust off the old cobwebs. Not in too great of shape yet, but it was totally fun and a great workout. Going for the “racing into shape plan this year as a full-time grad student. Tomorrow is the 15k skate, then 10k classic on sunday. Oh yaa. Turkey. Football. America.

About Wyatt

Hi. I live in Reno, NV and just completed my masters degree in hydrology at the UNR graduate school. I competed in three NCAA skiing championships for Colby College from 2008 to 2011, where I majored in geology. Originally from Boise, Idaho, I’m pumped to be skiing and racing in the Sierras. I like mountain biking, running, eating salmon, walking on my hands, dumpster-diving, and playing guitar.