Hey all! I’m excited to be part of the Far West Farm Team this year and to be back in the west after four years skiing in New England at Colby College. I’m attending the University of Nevada Graduate School for a MS in Hydrogeology. So far Reno is awesome. Great stuff to do outdoors, nice weather, tough classes, good housemates, and plenty of stuff to occupy my time when I’m not training. Can’t wait to get on snow…oh wait I already did on October 8th with Elias up at the Auburn Ski Club. This was by far the earliest I’ve ever skied. Snow’s gone now, but can’t complain about mid-seventies and sunny all week. Winter is definitely coming though. Trees are starting to turn into nice oranges and reds and yellows like they do in Maine. There just aren’t quite as many. But with mostly sagebrush, on the other hand, the views are pretty killer.

About Wyatt

Hi. I live in Reno, NV and just completed my masters degree in hydrology at the UNR graduate school. I competed in three NCAA skiing championships for Colby College from 2008 to 2011, where I majored in geology. Originally from Boise, Idaho, I’m pumped to be skiing and racing in the Sierras. I like mountain biking, running, eating salmon, walking on my hands, dumpster-diving, and playing guitar.