A Fun Day on The Mountain

Hello fellow nordies!

Yesterday I joined up with the UNR Winter Sports Club, including my FW Farm Team teammate Gus Johnson, for a run/hike up Mt. Tallac in South Lake Tahoe. The workout was tough for me today, after a really hard interval session last night, but it was a blast. Despite my not being able to run most of the steeper sections due to (extremely) tired legs, I pushed the pace on the hiking sections and was able to make it to the top in a little over an hour and a half. As usual, we were in for a real treat at the top. If you haven’t yet done this spectacular hike (as I hadn’t done until last summer, despite growing up in Tahoe!), I highly recommend you get out there and check it out. The views are absolutely incredible, spanning over Lake Tahoe and some of the surrounding lakes including Fallen Leaf, as well as the vast Desolation Wilderness. The terrain is quite steep and the elevation gain over the five-mile route to the summit is significant, making for a great distance workout, even at a slower pace.

All in all, it is a truly special experience, and was again today, on my fourth trip up the mountain. I was tired at the top, and didn’t quite have the guts to jump right near the summit’s edge for photos, as Gus, August and Nikki did, but still loved the views and the thrill of the accomplishment. The way down went quickly, as I was able to run consistently, taking care not to roll an ankle on any lose rocks. But despite losing elevation, my legs remained fatigued, as the steep downhills provide a great lower body strength workout. Needless to say, I was pleased to see the car when I arrived at the bottom! :)

After the workout, everyone humored my request to go see the salmon spawning at nearby Taylor Creek, and they were glad they did — or at least convinced me they were. I know I was. This is also a really special and unique experience, though a bit concerning when you really think about the fact that you’re examining the animals in their final moments of life; ‘last sacrifice,’ so to speak. BUT, that’s nature I guess. And it’s cool how it all comes full-circle for the fish. At any rate, I’d never seen this before, and was glad I did. The many bright red fish swimming together upstream is a sight unlike many other. I also recommend checking this out sometime. South Lake is a neat place in the fall!


Such a beautiful summit!!!



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