Marathon Day in Mammoth

Junior Melanie Swick cruises to 6th place in the varsity race

I am not referring to the skiing marathon that takes place in Mammoth every April. This marathon was the other kind filled with driving and waxing. Friday was the first day I had been to Mammoth’s Tamarack XC since I was 10 or 11 years old. It’s a distant memory from the time when I thought that all classic skis have fishscales and that skating is just for ice rinks. It was strange to come back ~15 years later as a coach.

But enough nostalgia. Incline Nordic had an awesome day on Friday! I am told the weather and the waxing conditions were vastly better than they have been for several years. Freshman Evan Vomund and Juniors Melanie Swick and Ashley Vomund posted some of their best results yet in high school league racing. Evan notched his season best result with 2nd in open division and a stellar 10th overall when varsity and open results are combined. Melanie placed 6th in the varsity division, a season best for her as well. Ashley was 10th in open division and 13th in combined results. With top finishers coming in around 20 minutes, the course was slightly longer than other distance races in the high school racing circuit. Our skiers loved the course. View complete results and photos of the race.

The ride back was long. It builds team bonding or character or something else that’s good for you I am sure. I think everyone gained a richer appreciation of how hard Mammoth High has to work just to show up every Friday for 2 months of competition. To steal a page from Gus, I am going to share something from our admittedly trashy playlist on the way home. Dragostea din tei is a song everyone can enjoy, but no one can understand. The video is new to me and it’s sort of entertaining.

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