Skiing as a teamsport

During the last weeks, I had the opportunity to ski with various different people. Over Christmas, I skied a lot with my older sister and I could observe the training of a real pro preparing for the upcoming World Championships in Oslo. It’s motivating to train with top-athletes as you certainly push more than you usually would and you can always learn something.  I mainly take three points out of those workouts:

1. Having clear goals before every single practice

2. Focus during the workout and push yourself. It might hurt in practice, but it will hurt less in the next race when you try to hang on to that skier in front of you

3. Be smart about your workouts. Go hard when your body can. Cut the practice short if you start feeling sick or uncomfortable, so you can push again the next day.

I could also ski with former Nevada Wolf Pack Skier Lutz Preussler on his home race course, with tons of snow and old stories to tell. It was great to see someone from a former team and it brought back old memories. I heard myself saying “this looks like Montana a year ago, remember?”, or “this might be a hard uphill, but it’s nothing compared that last one in Soldier Hollow…” Skiing definitely bring people together.

It’s easier to ski in the pack. Someone will push you on a day when you can’t do it yourself.