first, why do they capitalize all of the letters in the title of these posts? I DUNNO HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT:)


I did the Alpenglow 20k skate race on Sunday, and I believe that the consensus was that everybody had less than optimal skis. Slow skis stinks, but you gotta give it your all no matter what! There were some great stories about what people had to struggle through in that long skate race, and probably none more heroic than Elias and his broken ski (which I will let him tell himself in his own blog post this week if he so chooses). But the moral of the story is: you do your best to be prepared, and deal with the rest as it comes.

As for myself and preparation, I brought back a tradition from my childhood to help me do my best in the 20k. I made a Raceman the night before. I give credit to Wilson Dippo (a skier I grew up with in Utah, and current member of the Bowdoin College Nordic Team) for introducing me to Raceman. Admittedly, I’ve been laying out clothes for school the night before since before I started skiing, but Raceman is not the fancy of a nervous schoolchild who wants to look good for the first day. He is a tactically layed out system of dressing which prepares a race warrior for battle. I hope you will notice that Raceman has been engineered to facilitate a simple and orderly algorithm of dressing. He has the outer layers on bottom and the inner layers on top, in the order of which one should begin the dressing routine (i.e. socks and underwear go first so they are on top).


and for music, I am slowly succumbing to the Dubstep phenomena sweeping the nation. There are dubstep remixes of about anything you could be interested in, but I found this one yesterday while facebook chatting with a buddy.

Ellie Goulding – Your song

here is a link to the original which is also good!

here is a link to the original original.

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