Back In College… Kind Of

The RMISA races in Soldier Hollow, Utah this weekend provided some great reminiscing about skiing for The Buffaloes. The weather was great and the racing was fun, it was a good weekend.

Fortunately, my skis for the 20km classic mass start on Saturday were a double whammy: very slick when I tried to kick and very slow when I tried to glide. The operative word in those sentences is TRIED. Although this was very demoralizing during the race, as I watched my competitors easily kick and glide their way around the Olympic caliber course, I learned (or relearned rather) a valuable lesson: Hang in there!

While I was forced to double pole up four out of the six major climbs and was repeatedly dropped on descents, I just hung in there and put myself in the “survival mode” mindset. By skiing smart in tactical spots on the course, taking advantage of drafting, and a little down-home determination, I was able to hang on to the leading group and still have a decent result.

In a mass start, “hanging on” to the group, regardless of the situation, is a valuable ability. Keeping that mindset on a tough day will serve you very well.


About MG

Far West Nordic Farm Team member. Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Olympic Development Team. Member of: University of Colorado Ski Team 2006-2010, US Ski Team 2006-2009. Far West Nordic/Auburn Ski Club Truckee local.I graduated from the University of Colorado in May 2010 with a degree in Finance and decided to continue my ski career. I am currently living and training in Sun Valley, ID and will be traveling/ racing with the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation’s Olympic Development Team for the 2010-11 ski season. I am glad to be named to the Farm Team and am very happy to be able to continue to represent Far West, as I have been given so much by the many coaches and locals within the Far West community.