When Life Gets in the Way

Ahhhhh! This is how I feel about myself right now.  With my stuffy nose and sore throat I feel like the little elf in the Puff’s tissue commercial.  Being sick is the most irritating occurrence…well it seems so at the moment.  The past few days I have been stuck inside bored OUT OF MY MIND.  With all this time to think I end up sitting around cursing myself with a strong desire to throw a child-like tantrum.  Luckily enough this frustration has come full circle and I’ve realized I should be grateful for how good life really is.  Like Matt I had to decide against racing this weekend in BC, I was not thrilled.  But when it comes to racing (and life) things never seem to go exactly the way you plan.  There is always something, whether a sore joint, an odd pain, a procrastinated term paper and so on.  Deal with it you big baby (me to myself).  If my complaint is that I’ve got a cold this week, I suppose things aren’t bad at all…

So here I am hoping that I can simply make lemon aid from these lemons, or maybe somehow eggnog since it is the holidays and it’s delicious.  Or maybe I’ll learn Italian this week, since I secretly (and very much) wish I lived there  (though I’ve never been anywhere in Europe).

PS An absolute must-read:  Bill Bryson’s Notes From A Big Country.  Brilliantly hilarious.   Of particular note is the article Your Tax Form Explained.  Not exactly related to Nordic skiing, but isn’t it that laughter is the best medicine?

Happy racing!

About Chelsea

Far West Nordic Farm Team member. Sugar Bowl Academy.  Originally from Alaska I am now living in balmy Truckee, Ca and getting softer by the day.  After skiing for four years at the University of Nevada, Reno, I graduated with my BS and stayed.  Mountains are my home and the more time I spend in them…skiing (in every form), biking, hiking or climbing…the happier I am.  I am excited to be part of the Farm Team and the opportunities it presents, thanks Far West!   and then it snowed…