Royal Gorge 10km and Cross Country Snowboarding

First, thanks to Auburn Ski  Club for a great race at Royal Gorge. The snow was a little bit colder and faster than I expected. (Well, the downhill nature of the course helped too.) I was really happy about my 4th place finish and my crash-less race. I can never take the latter bit for granted.

In other news, Tahoe XC had a potluck dinner Saturday night. It was packed wall to wall. As a prologue to a slideshow, we were treated to a video hyping the next breakout sport. For nordies with fitness and tenacity, I think this is a can’t-miss opportunity for us to get in on the ground level. Who knows? It could be an Olympic sport soon.

Hear it from the skootchers themselves:

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I am running, skiing, and exploring the Sierra Nevada. I first learned to ski at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. After earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, I returned to Los Angeles to work for two fire seasons on the Little Tujunga Hotshot Crew (USFS). This is my second winter in Tahoe.