Notable Tidbits of West Yellowstone – the sort of thing that makes me smile to think about

It is often easy to get caught up among race bibs and pumping adrenalin in a trip such as the West Yellowstone camp, and fail to remember it in all its glory.  It is these rather prosaic occurrences that made the trip so memorable.

-Parents various chocolate goodies (packed for the kids, pillaged by me).

-The horrified look on Jeff’s face after accidentally dousing my face with wax remover (and the many future instances in which I can use this to my advantage).

-Anonymous’ two massive, probably painful, not-so-graceful diggers.  Champ.

-The peaceful afternoon classic ski away from the crowds of West Yellowstone.

-The moment in a dirty gas station somewhere in Idaho when one of the boys proclaimed to me, after using the women’s room due to long lines, that “Girls  have it so much better, the bathroom’s way cleaner, and [they] even have those shiny little tables to put coats and purses on.”  Note: by “shiny little table” he was unknowingly referring to the diaper-changing table.

-Seeing the kids progress in leaps and bounds over such a short period of time.

-My almost successful attempt to consumer 4 saltines in a minute, more difficult than one might think.  World Poker Tournament watch out…Jeff is a betting maniac.

-The point when I let go of my insecurities about racing and realized that it is all quite simple-just go.

-The incredible amount of food consumed by teenage boy athletes.  By incredible I mean that at each meal the boys ate enough food to feed all the Lions in the Denver Zoo (there are at least 7).

-The girls endurance and perseverance in hostile take over situations- you make me proud.

-The tireless individual who shoveled ALL night outside the Super 8 in Wells, as I laid awake cursing him.  (As it turns out-a torn bill board)

-Probably the best classic skiing that many of the kids have had the privilege to enjoy.

-Hearing Glen and Jeff laugh boisterously from across the noisy dining area.

Thank you to all who helped make this trip happen.  It was an enormous success in my opinion.  We had awesome training and racing.  To Glen, Ben and Jeff- that was wonderful.

About Chelsea

Far West Nordic Farm Team member. Sugar Bowl Academy.  Originally from Alaska I am now living in balmy Truckee, Ca and getting softer by the day.  After skiing for four years at the University of Nevada, Reno, I graduated with my BS and stayed.  Mountains are my home and the more time I spend in them…skiing (in every form), biking, hiking or climbing…the happier I am.  I am excited to be part of the Farm Team and the opportunities it presents, thanks Far West!   and then it snowed…