Well somewhat north.  I have just arrived home in Alaska for a short stay over Christmas.  The past week racing in Canada has been interesting, and I’ll ramble about it soon, but not now.   As I sit inside with my cup of tea I look out to see a bit of a winter wonderland.

I saw the token hippie Nordic skier stride down the snow-covered road on my way up the drive.  It cracked me up a bit to see long dreads whipping about beneath a fuzzy knit cap, classic Girdwood I suppose.  I do love seeing people from every walk of life wandering around, from those skiing on old three-pins to those on the new feather weight, gold plate base turbo skis.  At the end of the day we ski for ourselves, not only for a win someday (not that I would be particularly disappointed with it).  When I’m all alone and revering every moment, the simple stillness interrupted only by the curious squirrel and wandering snowflake.  Or the occasion I get to ski with someone who I’ve missed sorely and I spend the entire ski (and coffee afterwards) out of breath from too much chatter and laughter.  It’s every day that I feel more fortunate than the commuters creeping through traffic at 8:00 am and again at 5:00 pm.  Poor guys.   Mmm, to be out there day after day.

Off topic (again), I know. Standard.  But that’s how my mind usually works…drifting  (sometimes jumping) from moment to memory… and so on.

About Chelsea

Far West Nordic Farm Team member. Sugar Bowl Academy.  Originally from Alaska I am now living in balmy Truckee, Ca and getting softer by the day.  After skiing for four years at the University of Nevada, Reno, I graduated with my BS and stayed.  Mountains are my home and the more time I spend in them…skiing (in every form), biking, hiking or climbing…the happier I am.  I am excited to be part of the Farm Team and the opportunities it presents, thanks Far West!   and then it snowed…