Canada, Eh?

Here is an anecdote from Rossland, British Columbia:

SVSEF  arrived in Rossland last night (Tuesday night) around 4:30pm. After unpacking the van, myself, Mikey Sinnott and Farm Team member Chelsea Holmes decided to go for an easy jog in the dark to loosen up. We made our way to the race venue (about 1.6km from out condo) and had a look around. Unfortunately it has rained here the past few days. There is still plenty of snow, but it is really hard and icy (this makes for GREAT klister skiing however, which is not unfortunate). Anyway, after looking around the stadium and realizing the skate track was so hard and icy we could run on it we decided to run the 5km race loop, in the dark (there are lighted trails but this loop was not lit). The running was surprisingly good, with only the occasional annoyingness of a foot breaking through the hard crust. I wish I could say we were accosted by a Grizzly bear, but sadly that didn’t happen…

Anyway,  on the farthest part of the loop we saw two people skiing a bit behind us. We quickly ran and hid in the trees next to the course. When the two skiers came  cruising by us in the dark we jumped out and heckled them. We scared them pretty good. Some of you may be wondering if we knew who these people were. The answer is no. We had no idea who we were scaring but it was funny anyway.

This morning (Wednesday) when we arrived at the venue to ski, Jessie Diggins and Jason Cork (athlete and coach from CXC) made a comment about, “some clowns” who jumped out and scared the hell out of them last night when they were skiing. They  suspected Mikey and I were guilty… We subtly confirmed their suspicions.

Surprisingly (or maybe not surprising if you know Mikey Sinnott and I) this is just ONE instance of mischief from the last day and a half…

Races coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Mini Tour. High stakes, should be fun.


About MG

Far West Nordic Farm Team member. Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Olympic Development Team. Member of: University of Colorado Ski Team 2006-2010, US Ski Team 2006-2009. Far West Nordic/Auburn Ski Club Truckee local.I graduated from the University of Colorado in May 2010 with a degree in Finance and decided to continue my ski career. I am currently living and training in Sun Valley, ID and will be traveling/ racing with the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation’s Olympic Development Team for the 2010-11 ski season. I am glad to be named to the Farm Team and am very happy to be able to continue to represent Far West, as I have been given so much by the many coaches and locals within the Far West community.