Ski Testing

As the ski season begins, many of you may find yourself obtaining new skis for training and racing. Having spent a lot of time testing new/different skis this week here are some tips to help with the process:

1. Ski on your skis  “one and one”. By this I mean if you have two pairs of skate skis, grab one ski from each pair and compare them by skiing on them together. Make sure you try them “one and one” in different conditions/snow types and figure out which skis perform better in different conditions.

2. If you have Fischer classic skis, your wax pocket is most likely going to be as follows: Start in the middle of the ski, and move REARWARD to the first factory notch on the ski (this is the little triangle without a base, on the sidewall of the ski). This is most likely the rear of your wax pocket.  Again from the middle of the ski, move FORWARD to the second triangle notch (on the front of the ski), this is most likely the front of your wax pocket. The design of the camber on Fischer classic skis makes this the prime pocket for MOST of the skis. Wax your skis this way then ski on them, making adjustments in pocket length based on whether you feel the skis dragging, or whether they are slick.

3. Don’t test your skis one time and call it done.  Make sure to continue to ski on all your skis and continually test and evaluate conditions in which they excel.  Some people like to have specific training and racing skis but I think you should almost always make an effort to ski on race skis when training. The more you ski on a pair of skis, the better the feel you have for that pair. Knowing each pair of your skis intimately will serve you well when you need to make a pre-race decision about hat skis to wax for tomorrows race.

Get out and ski.

A little off topic, but just thought I would share a picture I took in the grocery store in West Yellowstone:

For those of you who have not been to West Yellowstone in the early winter, this about sums it up…


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