Early Season Tips

With the fresh snow fallen and grooming imminent, here are a few tips to help make the transition from fall training/roller skiing (yuck) to snow (real) skiing:

1. Make sure to refresh the fundamentals before you spend too much time on snow. Check body position- forward lean, hips forward, and knee and ankle drive/angle to name a few. Make sure your fundamentals are in place so you start the season with a solid foundation.

2. Don’t go too hard. It is exciting to be skiing, but simmer down and make sure you are level one. It is very easy to ski a little too hard the first couple times out and get overly tired. Skiing is harder than roller skiing so remember to relax and make sure you are skiing easier than you think you should. Your body needs time to adjust.

3. Make sure to ski easy on snow 7-10 times before doing intervals/intensity (short speeds are okay). Skiing motions and speeds are different than those of roller skiing; your body needs time to remember what skiing feels like. You will be well served to spend some time finding your bearings on snow before trying to put down the hammer.

Go out and enjoy the start of winter


About MG

Far West Nordic Farm Team member. Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Olympic Development Team. Member of: University of Colorado Ski Team 2006-2010, US Ski Team 2006-2009. Far West Nordic/Auburn Ski Club Truckee local.I graduated from the University of Colorado in May 2010 with a degree in Finance and decided to continue my ski career. I am currently living and training in Sun Valley, ID and will be traveling/ racing with the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation’s Olympic Development Team for the 2010-11 ski season. I am glad to be named to the Farm Team and am very happy to be able to continue to represent Far West, as I have been given so much by the many coaches and locals within the Far West community.