In case you didn’t get the memo… THE SNOW HAS ARRIVED! Several feet of the fluffy white stuff has graced the ground outside my house in Glenshire, and I have to say, it is absolutely beautiful. Each year with the first snow comes a change of pace, a fresh outlook and all the promise of the season ahead.  I couldn’t be happier.

The trails around Tahoe aren’t quite open yet, but I just couldn’t wait to get out and celebrate the snow. This weekend, I rung in the season with a couple backcountry adventure skis in the meadow behind my house. While they weren’t quite the pristine skis on freshly-groomed trails that I have been anticipating and longing for, the skiing was a whole other form of awesome in itself. In its own right, nothing beats breaking trail through more than a foot of light, fluffy powder on some beat-up metal-edged crowns with dogs in tow.

And while it wasn’t quite conducive to great classic technique, it still felt like skiing, and that felt amazing. And after a couple two-hour sessions of powder trekking up steep climbs and over logs, and navigating down hills through trees and bushes with less than adequate control, I have to say I am feeling more than sufficiently exhausted, and even more excited about skiing.

This afternoon my good friend Shannon came along, and with the four dogs between the two of us, there was no shortage of good company. Our ski was pleasure in its purest form. I wasn’t thinking about my technique, my heartrate, how to ski the transition, or preparing for an upcoming race. I was just enjoying my sport, my company, the beauty around us and the day. And sometimes, that is the perfect ski. And this year, it was the perfect beginning to what I already know is going to be an incredible ski season.

About Kara

Hello hello! I am stoked to be on the Far West Farm Team this year. I grew up here in beautiful Truckee, Ca. and am a proud product of the Far West junior teams. I learned to ski and to love skiing here in these mountains, so it was only fitting that I come back to fuel my passion for the sport. After attending the University of Denver for three years, I transferred to the University of Nevada where I finished my NCAA skiing career and also threw in a year of running. Today, I am a triathlete, runner and as always, a skier. I am also a journalist with a passion for writing, story-telling and interacting. I love living and playing in the mountians with my dog Levi, and will change the world one day… one story at a time.