Bria Riggs Soho 2012

Report From Soldier Hollow

Katrin Larusson Soho 201233 Far West Nordic Junior athletes are in Soldier Hollow, Utah for the Intermountain/Rocky Mountain Super JNQ races.
It was a brisk, beautiful day at Soldier Hollow for Friday’s Classic Sprints.

The highlight results of the day were an overall win by Hannah Halvorsen  in the FJ3 girls competition (a 2.6 km race), a 2nd place finish  by Brandon Herhusky and a 3rd place finish by Skyler Mullings in the MJ3 race, a 3rd place finish by Katrin Larusson in the FJ1 race, a 2nd place finish by Bria Riggs  in the FJ2 division, and a 5th place finish by Dylan Syben in the MJ2 division

Bria Riggs Soho 2012Others advancing to the quarterfinals, but not moving on to the later heats included Patrick McElravey (9th MJ1), Sam Zabell (17th MJ2), Peter Holmes (28th MJ2), Cassidy Cichowicz (15th FJ1), and Laurel Fiddler (18th FJ1).

Rounding out the Far West were Joe Piercy (55th MJ1), Branden Deeter (58th MJ1), Alex Kopytko (67th MJ1), and Shane Christian (79th MJ1) in the J1/OJ boys, Joelle Romo (35th FJ1), Melanie Swick (9th FOJ), Raylene Chew (43rd FJ1), Kelly Habibi (50th FJ1), and Emily Nall (63rd FJ1) in the J1/OJ girls, Julien Bordes (34 , Peter Carroll (44), Evan Vomund (55) , Eli Yale (67), Aaron Deeter (72), Brandon Flora (78), and  Andrew Clusserath (89) in the J2 boys,  Camille Hartley (36), Danielle Nivinski (37), Savannah Blide (40), Gabi Rinne (46), Amanda Kirkeby (52), and Skyler Flora (58) in the J2 girls.

Race Results
Photos by MacBeth Graphics

Tomorrow is distance Freestyle day, so stay tuned…